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Is there a Polish community in Vaughan, Ontario?

vila 1 | 3
29 Jun 2011 #1
Can anyone tell me if there is a large Polish community in Vaughan, Ontario? And if so, where do they get together? Also, newcomers from Poland, where do they get together in Vaughan? Does anyone know an Andrzej who lives in Vaughan? Thanks.
polishmusicfan 1 | 13
2 Jul 2011 #2
A good place to start will be to go to the St. Stanislaus Kostka Church Piknik on Sun. July 24 at Paderewski Park in Vaughan. Free admission.
OP vila 1 | 3
2 Jul 2011 #3
Thank you very much for the information. I will definitely attend the picnic. I'm sure the food will be very good. :)
legend 3 | 664
2 Jul 2011 #4
I always thought of Vaughan and in particular Woodbridge to have lots of Italians.

I have been in Paderewski Park several times. I think going once or twice is okay to meet with friends/ family/other Poles but too much times can be well boring.

Just wanted to mention both sides of the story :)
9 Jan 2013 #5
I am actually Polish as well and would be interested to put something together... you can e-mail me at 4168994618
Ania. Thank you

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