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Any Polish communities near Memphis,TN

weaverwarrior12 6 | 3
10 Oct 2013 #1
I was wondering if any Polish communities existed near Memphis,TN. I'll be moving near Memphis in June.
kj99 8 | 54
10 Oct 2013 #2
why would you want to seek out any polish communities in tennesse?????????????? surely wouldnt you just be better of going to poland - there u could experience the ultimate polish community

i know some brits like to hangout with expats ... fellow brits ,,,

but as a brit myself - and someone with relatives in tennesee ,,, id never go some place ,post some post -or actively seek out someone from the .... british community - its plane weird,, - whats the point ?

u really miss poland so much?

ive got relatives in columbia . ten ,
EdwardC 1 | 10
11 Oct 2013 #3
While there are certainly Polish people, businesses and extended families in that area, I know of no "communities" per se, but......

A couple of interesting pops on Google though:

The Polish-American Society of Memphis:

The Polish-Catholic Mission of Memphis:

If you're moving down there I understand getting in touch with like-minded folks and kindred spirits who likely have more things in common but really if you're visiting short-term get the flavor of the city by visiting the Civil Rights Museum, Beale Street, Mud Island and make a point of hitting the Top 5 BBQ joints for the best BBQ in the world.

Whatever your choices, ENJOY Memphis!


Looking for Poles in Memphis, Tennessee

Hi, I'm new to the Memphis area and wondering if there are any Polish people that live here. I was born and raised in America but was raised by a Polish family so I can speak Polish. I just never had any Polish friends.

Hey I am Polish too... im 19 and have been looking for anybody and anything around here hahah there arent many of us here! email me at serka4@yahoo

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