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Polish Churches in Milwaukee, WI

ekcampos 3 | 12
20 Nov 2009 #1
Anyone know of Polish churches in Milwaukee that has service in Polish (vs English)? I know there are more than one, but I'm looking for the most popular that most Polish speaking people (vs people whose Ancestors are Polish) in Milwaukee attend. Thanks!
Krystal 5 | 94
21 Nov 2009 #2
Well, you may have to come to Chicago, IL. We have lot of Polish Church. One is Thecla Church near Milwaukee Ave. & Devon St. Chicago & Niles, IL.
21 Nov 2009 #3
Parafia św. Maksymiliana Kolbe w Milwaukee
OP ekcampos 3 | 12
21 Nov 2009 #4
Can someone translate this to English please?
ShawnH 8 | 1,497
21 Nov 2009 #5

St. Maximilian Kolbe parish / church in Milwaukee
ShawnH 8 | 1,497
21 Nov 2009 #6
No prob. I am sure Tomeks parents will be delighted to meet you. All the best!
musicwriter 5 | 87
9 Jan 2010 #7
I'm not sure if there is a Polish mass there, but St. Josephat's Basilica in Milwaukee was built by Polish immigrants. If you haven't been to it, go to mass there and marvel at the architectural beauty of this huge church. A block away is a good restaurant name 'Home Town" that is run by Serbian people.

Niechaj będzie pochwalony Sakrament teraz i zawsze i na wieki wieków. Amen.

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