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Where to buy Polish food in New Jersey?

Pork seller
1 Jul 2015 #151
Big stash is sold
Pork seller
1 Jul 2015 #152
Also if you go to north on wood ave in linden there are couple of polish delis who offer warm and cold take out polish food and a blue class away in the local tavern you can get polish food and polish beer.

Big stash won't be missed as over the years it has become more Americanized .
Lil Titus
4 Apr 2017 #153
Pulaski Meat Store, Wood Ave., Linden, NJ

Bakery--Lithuanian Bake, Inslee Pl., Elizabeth, NJ
spiritus 68 | 666
4 Apr 2017 #154
I have spent many happy memories in Linden NJ :)
13 Dec 2017 #155
Pulaski Meats, yes it the same as in Linden, in the Trenton Farmers Market. It's actually in Ewing Township on Spruce St.. It's not like the one in Linden. Mainly meats and cheese and only open Fri, Sat & Sun I believe. My cousins best friend owns it.

There is also a place called Hamilton Farms on Rt 33 in Hamilton Township, Mercer Country. It has a nice Polish section which is strange since it is owned my Mexicans I believe. Most important is what they sell fresh.
5 Jan 2018 #156
If looking for a good Polish Deli and market in Somerset County, Halinka's in Hillsborough right on 206. Fresh cold cuts, baked goods, pre-made food as well as frozen food and stocked shelves. They speak both Polish and English. Very nice people and good food. Open Monday through Saturday and sometimes on Sunday.
23 Mar 2018 #157
@Jersey boy
I recall Shupicks as a child from Garfield. My dad always said it was the Best! Our family name is Sidorski. We left Jersey for Pa. In the late 50's.


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