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Where to buy Polish food in New Jersey?

2 Oct 2010 #121
PIAST on River Garfield is your answer to all polish food needs. I don't remember exact number but I'm sure if you check internet you will find it.
31 Oct 2010 #122
Hello my fellow Polish foodies.

I have read some of the posts. Just my recommendation:

Piast in Garfield is excellent as well as Golden Eagle. Piast is on River Road and Golden Eagle is on Lanza Avenue. They are very very good. Adams, in Wallington is good also, very consistant in their product. I always go there for Kelbosi and their salads. The kelbosi is reasonably priced and there salads are more the American style, excellent, and very reasonibaly priced. I can honestly tell you that the two Polish deli's in Garfield are "Excellent". You will not be dissapointed.
3 Dec 2010 #123
Homemade Pierogi
Main Ave
Clifton, NJ

opposite the DeLuxe dry cleaner
Polish Deli Ans
8 Dec 2010 #124
Ferry street in Newark, New Jersey (yes, that's in the Brazilian/Portuguese area, this used to be a Polish area years ago), Bratek Deli

Also near the Polish church in Kearny, NJ

There are about 100 Deli's all over Sayreville and South River.

There is also a large Polish population near Atlantic City, so I am sure that there will be Polish stores there.
17 Dec 2010 #125
609 599 4206


1 Feb 2011 #126
The World's Best Polish Bakery remains Polonia, 204 Monroe Street, Passaic, New Jersey. The paczki are unequalled; the regular and sour dough rye breads, merely incomparable. As for the babka, there's none better.

Come and visit me, Chef Henry, and Diane at Be sure to read my article on soup, which includes my recipe for mushroom and barley soup! Your questions and comments are welcome. Eat in good health,

-Chef Henry
ninausa1 - | 1
17 Feb 2011 #127
There is Polish restaurant in Washington, NJ, right on Rt. 57 that's East Washington Ave, Kaffe Kaprys.The house number is 41E. Small, cozy, great food, little deli department. Fresh, home made meals and the smell!!!!! Just like at grandma's! Phone number is 908-603-0048.

There is a small cozy, Polish restaurant in Washington NJ, right on RT 57, Kaffe Kaprys. Great food, 8 or 9 different kinds of pierogies, home cooked soups, stuffed cabbage to die for!!!! They have also small deli department with 5-6 different kind of real Polish kielbasa. If you are looking for something they do not have at the moment, they offer to bring it for. They also cater and offer cooking classes. It is BYOB. It is great for small parties. If you'll go there you will feell like at grandma'a home. The smell of real home cooking!!!!

We are sedig our products through USA - check our web kaprys-caterig.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
14 Apr 2011 #128
Merged thread:
Polish foods in New Jersey

In case someone may not be aware of thsi establishment:

"Piast Meats & Provisions was founded in 1991 by Henry and Maria Rybak, immigrants from southern Poland whose dream was to bring the authentic, natural flavors of their homeland to the US. Indeed, most of the recipes still in use today originate from Mrs. Rybak's mother's kitchen in the Old Country".
Sausage hound
21 Apr 2011 #129
Continental Homemade Provision
(732) 254-4911
190 Main St, East Brunswick, NJ 08816 Get directions
Cross Streets: Between CR-677 and Rutgers Rd
17 May 2011 #130
You might be looking for Schmalz's European Provisions they moved from Newark to 66 Fadem Road, Springfield, N.J. 07081
Pol Food Critic
28 May 2011 #131
B&B Meat & Sausage Provisions
428 Harrison Ave.
Harrison, NJ 07029
(973) 483-3220

Featured in some of New Jersey's largest circulated newspapers (i.e. The Star-Ledger, The Jersey Journal).

See what everyone's talking about!

Bringing you a fresh taste of old Polish tradition since 1994.
briansnat 1 | 1
6 Jul 2011 #132
Polski Smak on Route 23 in Butler is outstanding. They opened about a year and a half ago and are doing a booming business. Their kielbasi is among the best I've tried. No more driving to Wallington for Polish food.
22 Nov 2011 #133
im from secaucus nj im looking to get some fresh and smokes kielbasa any help thanks don't mind taking a ride to get it if its good
rybnik 18 | 1,461
22 Nov 2011 #134
go to Piast in Garfield! you won't be disappointed.
Izadora - | 5
22 Nov 2011 #135
I agree with Rybnik! Piast is a good store and they carry a lot of products. Also, two or three doors down, in the same shopping center as Piast, is a polish bakery (if it is still there - I haven't been to NJ in about a year). Unfortunately, I can't remember the name but they have awesome bread and pączki! mmmmmmmmm
rybnik 18 | 1,461
23 Nov 2011 #136
You're right Izadora! I go there for my flaczki fix (among many other) :)
Izadora - | 5
23 Nov 2011 #137
Although I've never tried flaczki, I think I'll just stick with bigos for now lol : )
Jersey boy
3 Jan 2012 #138
What happened to Shupick' s Deli? Did any workers or family continue making their kielbasi at another location or name?
24 Jan 2012 #139
The name of the Polish Deli in Old Bridge N.J. is Continental Provisions
rybnik 18 | 1,461
24 Jan 2012 #140
on Old Bridge Turnpike?
16 Feb 2012 #141
Garfield, Piast, (2 locations), White Eagle, i think River road and Lanza, or something like that
Best "paczki" Polonia Bakery
21 Feb 2012 #142
I have found a store in Garfield, NJ that is filled with all kinds of Polish foods, condiments, cookies, as well as waters and sodas. The store is filled with foods I dreamt of when I lived in Europe.Unfortunately many of the stores and restaurants in Garfield that cater to the Polish community are some sixty plus miles from Middletown NY.

Sorry I forgot the name of the store.

501 River Dr, Garfield, NJ 07026
25 Feb 2012 #143
de best 217ferry st newark 07105 ,polish bakery Amber- trenton Nj -olden corner,polish church is der,mexican with polish Food Food Bazzar,Frmer Market Mo

farmer market Morisville Pa,polish Deli brunswick ave .deli is after bank ewery thursday fresh ewerything
22 Jan 2013 #144
Anybody know if the polish provisions store on Route 9 in Lakewood, New Jersey is still there? It was on northbound side just north of Cross Street. Thanks.
15 Mar 2013 #145
i am in cherry hill, nj easy to get to philly do you have a name of a good place for babka and kielbasy in that area?
2 Apr 2013 #146
do you have the phone # of the polish mart in runnemede, n.j.
22 Nov 2013 #147
Where can I buy good Polish food in Monmouth County, NJ?
dont gay me yo
22 Nov 2013 #148
In ocean county there are 2 Polish delis,one in Lakewood NJ called biedronka polish deli,and one in tomsriver on rt9 called Lusias polish can google there adresses and phone numbers,lusias has better meats in my opinion.
6 Nov 2014 #149
Adams Food Market in Wallington NJ has a wonderful deli. They smoke their kielbasy on the premises.
NJ Mary
1 Jul 2015 #150
Merged: Polish food

Big Stash's closed! What a shame. I posted it on NJ chow hound ! A real loss !

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