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The Polish Book Importing Company? NYC?

Mateuszoflv 2 | 16
20 Mar 2011 #1
Hey I have started research on the Jagiellon dynasty and have come across many sources which come from The Polish Book Importing Company. But I searched google and nothing like this exists. Most of the sources coming from this places are around 1917, maybe they shut down.

I was wondering if anyone has some more information to what happened to the Polish Book Importing Company?

Thank You
29 Jan 2013 #2
It was located on 14th Street in NYC and was run by Walter (Americanized version) OPALINSKI, To my knowledge the company went out of business when he died in the late 1950's. His Wife Helen also worked there
13 Apr 2013 #3

I am holding a book imported by this company, but the address listed for the Polish Book Importing Company is 83 Second Ave New York NY.

The book appears to be a compilation of "Mysl" or "The Thought"...It appears to have several chapters, consisting of this Mysl newsletters. It is unclear to me at this time as I do not read Polish.

The book seems to have been published around 1910.

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