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Applying for Polish Passport in Canada, appointing family member to act on your behalf

4 Oct 2013 #1
Hello everyone,

I recently had my last name amended in Warsaw (just got married)through the Polish consulate in Toronto as my parents reside there, and I happen to be there on vacation. I currently live in Calgary, and I got confirmation that my amendment went through so I can now apply for my Polish Passport. I'm trying to avoid the cost of going to Toronto again and applying for my passport, waiting six weeks, and then flying back to Toronto to get my new passport. Would I be able to have my mother pick up my passport on my behalf if I grant her permission via letter? I'm just trying to avoid any more costs of travel as the Polish Consulate in Calgary does not handle passport applications.

Thanks for the help,

f stop 25 | 2,513
4 Oct 2013 #2
My Polish passport was sent to me via mail, but I had to apply for it in person.
OP Amanda123
7 Oct 2013 #3
Great, thank you for the response!
gjene 14 | 203
7 Oct 2013 #4
I looked up to see if there was a consulate in Vancouver. Apparently, from their website, it sounds like they may have relocated to Edmonton. If that is so and if they handle passports, then you may not have to travel far. If they don't, at least you can ask for written confirmation that don't handle such paperwork and then give your relative power of attorney to act on your behalf in order to go to the consulate in Toronto or the embassy in Ottawa in case either do not want to mail the passport in Calgary or Edmonton. But I could be wrong either way. But look up the consulate info for Vancouver and see about the possible relocation to Edmonton. Then ask them if they handle passports there explaining that the office in Calgary told you they don't handle the paperwork for passports. Good luck.

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