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Worst of the worst Poles emigrating to Britain?

jon357 67 | 16,830
5 Sep 2017 #31
so you dont understand the bond that was struck between Poles and Brits during that time, you can spout bullshit , but you know nothing.

Very well said, Dolno. Posts like that are just trying to make trouble, where there's largely none. Just friendship, thousands of families with one foot in each country, economic co-operation and many other things.

When a million come, mostly unemployed, then not all of them are going to be fine upstanding people. However most are exactly that, people wanting to do something with their lives..
Crow 149 | 9,400
24 Sep 2017 #32
What is - worst of the worst Poles emigrating to Britain? I mean, its strange to tell something like that. First, Brits says that they love Poles very much. And, as we all know, one don`t live from love. See, other proofs of love are necessary. Then, after all, as Serbians says and they are wise people, `England is land of people from evil mother and even more evil father.` So, how could one add more evil to this and from Poles who are so much loved in England and entire Britain. Can`t.

Or something. I hope that you understand my English penglish.

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