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Working in London after an university - paperwork, registration in UK?

Andreas123 1 | 5
23 Feb 2016 #1
Hello everyone,

I would like to move to London by June and work. I will finish University by then. A friend of mine suggested me to go

London earlier so I can prepare the papers that will allow me to work. He said it takes 1 month to just get the papers.

Could someone give me more info about what papers, where and how long each will take to be achieved?
As well, do I HAVE to be in UK in order to finish them? I mean, yes registering something on my name, I have to be there.

But for example, could I just start the preparation on those papers and leave, and someone else can go and get them for me?

Thank you in advance
Labrador 2 | 50
23 Feb 2016 #2
Hello Andreas.

I am a foreigner in the Uk myself, when I moved to the UK 3 years ago. I remember me just flying to the UK & living with my British wife. I remember that I needed a National Insurance number and a British bank account to be able to work. I guess to get those two things, you need a residence in Britain first, which is hard to get without exactly these two things you need anyway. The best thing is, to live with a friend first & just set it as your British location/residence, so you are able to apply for most of the things.

But as far as I am aware, you are a EU citizen, so you only need a National Insurance number and a British bank account.

OP Andreas123 1 | 5
23 Feb 2016 #3
Thanks Labrador :)

British Bank I guess it takes only 1 day.
What will I need for National Insurance, other than ID?
Labrador 2 | 50
23 Feb 2016 #4

Bank took me a couple of months. So more than a day. They needed tons of proof of residence, and it took quite a while until they could create me a PROPER bank account.

National Insurance number. As far as I know you need your ID, maybe a copy of your birth certificate and some residence details in form of a bill like rent or waterbill or something like this.

It was about 3 years ago, and back then my wife helped me a lot, so I can't remember everything I needed. But if you want to make sure 100%, you could try to contact the British government and ask for what you need. I recommend calling them, since they wont send you more than some auto-mail with some auto-standard text.

24 Feb 2016 #5
Opening a bank account has become Much more time consuming throughout the EU. You may need to book an appointment weeks in advance.

This is the proof you need to open a Barclays bank account, for instance
Labrador 2 | 50
24 Feb 2016 #6

I recommend HSBC

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