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University Research of Polish communities in the UK

jw365 1 | 1
12 Mar 2013 #1
Hi, I'm a 3rd year Student studying at the University of Leicester and I'm conducting some research on perceptions of the British police within Polish communities. It would be appreciated if you could take 5 minutes out of your day to fill out my quick survey. Any questions then please e-mail me at

I cannot post the link to the survey as I have posted less than 2 useful messages so it would be appreciated if you could mark this post and my reply as 'useful' :)
12 Mar 2013 #2
If by 'Polish communities' you mean 'people who live in the UK and speak Polish as a first language', there aren't too many of such persons here.

But with that said, I'd be happy to post a link to your questionnaire on my FB and encourage others to do so to; your topic sounds like quite an interesting one. Although frankly you might well find it easier (and get better quality results) to just go and stand outside the Polski Skleps in your area with a clip-board.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,369
12 Mar 2013 #3
make more posts and you'll be ok. in other words.... take part in the forum.

there is no 'like' button.
OP jw365 1 | 1
12 Mar 2013 #4
Thanks for your comments, I'm just trying to widen my sample outside Leicester and thought that this would be the easiest way. Does anyone know of ay other forums similar to this where I could post my survey. Thank you Harry it would be great if you could link it on your facebook, once I can post the link :)
spiritus 69 | 644
12 Apr 2017 #5

Asian shopkeeper defends Polish boy

Amo Singh - a shopkeeper from Stroud, Gloucestershire - was badly beaten after defending a Polish teenager from a gang attack.

The Polish community have responded by donating money online, and even called for Amo to be officially invited to Poland as a VIP
12 Apr 2017 #6
That will be nice for him, a visit to Poland. Maybe he will be the first of many to set up a corner shop there. Doesn't say what the 15 year kid was doing, police don't believe the crime to be racially or ethnic based.

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