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Uni in the UK - my experiences with British universities

26 Oct 2014 #1
hello fellows, I haven't been here for ages .. been studying a lot :)
Ill be posting my experiences from the university here.
I am also interested in your experiences with British universities.
Monitor 13 | 1816
27 Oct 2014 #2
Go on, post something. There was an AMA about difference between studying Engineering in Poland and UK.

in the UK each student has their online profile through which accesses the notes, the latest news from the dean's office, etc.
The two most important options are:
- Access to all notes on a regular basis, complemented by faculty (virtually all of the material that appears in lectures minus the comments lecturers, but pdfs are usually so clear that the comment is not needed)
- Access to the content of the tasks about 90% of all previous exams (yes, this is no joke - you open the folder and you see now scanned sheets of X their last years of the subject which interests you - invaluable source when preparing for exams)

OP goofy_the_dog
27 Oct 2014 #3
Due to my posts, and my opinions on certain matters I will not say what do i study or where am i studying :) anonymity is bliss and I'd like to have that way.

i have lessons 4 days in a week, semester ends in december and i have three more assignements to hand in so its a wake up, breakfast, assignement work supper sleep scheme of the day.

Most of the flat is antisocial (shared acc) but theres couple of good guys so we go out from time to time.
I like the thing that everybody comes from different parts of the country so I get to meet all the different accents hahaha :)
Monitor 13 | 1816
28 Oct 2014 #4
I will not say what do i study

You won't even say that? You don't want us to laugh about your study choice ;) ? I don't think that anybody can figure out your name based on your field of study.
OP goofy_the_dog
28 Oct 2014 #5
anonymity is bliss

yaaay i have finished one of my assignemnts yesterday ;) two days before the deadline, out of happiness i played games and wrote posts on pf ;) iv got a lesson in the afternon, its a theoretical lesson so you just sit there in a massive room and listen to the lecture/take notes.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3861
28 Oct 2014 #6
I think you could say what you study goofzz, nobody will use it to identify you.
or how can you have a conversation about uni in the UK?
You could also say which uni surely? unless it is the University of Luton or something in which case I would understand your wishing to keep it anonymous

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