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Ukrainians getting Polish passports then emigrating to UK/other EU countries

Englishman 2 | 278
21 Mar 2014 #1
Someone told me something the other day and I yes wondering if anyone here can confirm or deny it.

Apparently some Ukrainians are entitled to Polish passports because they have Polish ancestry or due to changes in borders etc. But it is said that a lot of Ukrainians who don't really qualify for Polosh passports get them fraudulently, then move to the Uk or elsewhere in the EU using these documents. Someone said they think 1 in 10 of the Poles in Birtain is really Ukrainian and that the numbers will rise due to the crisis in this country.

Could this be true? Or is. It just some rubbish from the Daily Mail?
Monitor 14 | 1,820
21 Mar 2014 #2
It's rather 2nd thing. Who could get Polish passport got it long time ago. Now Ukrainians get mostly Karta Polaka, which allows only work and studying in Poland, but it's not an Passport. There is also group who get Polish visa for work - it's easy to obtain for Ukrainians as they don't need permit to work for up to 6 months per year in Poland, and later use it to enter Poland and cross Schengen border illegally in order to work illegally in the west, but not in UK.
Less777 - | 50
21 Mar 2014 #3
There seems to be a lot of Russian speaking people around here for some reason.
gumishu 13 | 6,063
21 Mar 2014 #4
1 in 10 Poles in UK really Ukrainian is definitely a grand exeggeration - Ukrainians can enter the UK just like Poles used to one day: as tourists - and they can stay and work illegally afterwards just like many Poles prior to Polish access into the EU (I personally was one such Pole in the UK for a year)
23 Mar 2014 #5
I feel so sorry for what the Ukrainians are going through.
Rory - | 1
20 Nov 2015 #6
Britain, dont flatter yourself too much. Ukrainians prefer much warmer and friendlier countries, they are much more likely to go to Germany, Italy and most likely to actually stay in Poland. I dont know if britain realises how many british people are leaving UK for better life.

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