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Polish trucker jailed for tachograph fraud

delphiandomine 88 | 18,455
31 May 2017 #1
In what should be no surprise to any of us on PolishForums, yet another Polish criminal was jailed this week for dangerous behaviour. This time - for using a device that allowed him to cheat a truck tachograph. Use of such machines is widespread among Polish drivers in Europe, as it allows them to drive further. The dangers of such a device are obvious, as tired drivers should not be operating vehicles of potential death.

To his credit, when the device was found, the Polish trucker driver from Bykowizna, Debe Wielkie pled guilty instead of trying his luck in front of the beak. Perhaps he knew there was zero chance of getting away with it, but regardless, he was placing himself and many others in danger through his use of such a device. He claimed to regret using it, but given the greed of the average Polish trucker, it seems more likely that his only regret was in getting caught.

The attitude of the Polish authorities towards such devices is clear:

In Poland this sort of offence would result in a fine - but the British courts quite clearly take a far more serious view, said the judge.

Clearly the long arm of British justice succeeded in this case.

One can only wonder what it will take for the Polish community to stop committing widespread crimes on "The Isles", as it is commonly known by the Polonia in the UK.
dolnoslask 6 | 3,074
31 May 2017 #2
what it will take for the Polish community to stop committing widespread crimes

Whats your suggestion seeing as you are part of the community?
Ironside 51 | 11,499
31 May 2017 #3
or the Polish community

What make you say that he is a part of that 'community'? according to your source he came to the UK via Dover.

Clearly the long arm of British justice succeeded in this case.

But not in your case.

you need to be supervised as you're clearly a mentally disturbed 'person'. If you have a garden or somthing of the kind, it would be wise to check it up for decided bodies.
spiritus 69 | 666
1 Jun 2017 #4
Anti-Polish propaganda again ? Good-at least it gives us an opportunity for anyone reading to learn that the thread title is designed to make people think that ONLY Poles commit crimes in the UK-every other community are angels and saints.

Considering that Poles are the largest foreign group in the UK (according to the census and I'm not sure I believe that) then it's inevitable that Poles will commit crimes in the UK so posts like this are entirely pointless unless

a) you are trying to portray the image of Poles as criminals or delinquents
b) you are trying to avoid the fact that other minorities in the UK are committing crimes
c) you have an agenda which you are trying to push through this forum

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