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Do Polish Shops in Ireland sell cigarettes?

dublina1 1 | 4
26 Jan 2012 #1

Just wondering if anyone can help me out. I am wondering if its possible to buy cigarettes in Polish shops in Ireland? There is a polish shop about 30 mins away for me (POLENEZ) and I just want to check here before i go in and ask. Maybe they only sell irish ones? Anyone know? There too expensive here :( Hope I am allowed post this if not mod please remove.

OP dublina1 1 | 4
26 Jan 2012 #3
Think there fakes tho :(
Ant63 13 | 410
26 Jan 2012 #4
Problably as they do the same in the UK. They get busted every now and then but don't get the same treatment as if they were UK citizens as they just carry on doing it.
OP dublina1 1 | 4
26 Jan 2012 #5
Ok ill try that thanks for that. Last year I went to wroclaw and bought 27 blocks of LM. Then when i landed customs stopped me (I think they scanned my case cause it took ages to come out) and gave me the riot act. But they let me keep them.... scared the crap out of me though so i am not so ready to go again... although maybe :D
irish22 - | 1
23 Feb 2012 #6
any chance you wat to sell some of them l&m?

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