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Romanian manual labour workers in the UK making Poles look bad.

Wroclaw Boy
1 Mar 2014 #1
So I was chatting to a Polish friend of mine recently who works night shifts in a large baking facility in Basingstoke and she said they have recently taken on some Romanians immigrants there. Her exact words were "these people work like slaves and were churning out way more cakes, bread etc than the Polish workers and if this continues the Poles will soon be replaced".

Interesting, initial media hype regarding Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants that were feared to flood to the UK shores prior to their EU accession and then the apparent dismissal as a none event after the dead line. Fact is they are here in the UK and there will be more, many more, just as there was with the Polish following Poland's EU accession back in May 2004.

An interesting confliction of interests, lets see how this one plays out.
WielkiPolak 56 | 1,008
1 Mar 2014 #2
Well if Polish people have to worry about being pushed out of work, then British people are in deep doodoo. A lot of Polish people did the jobs that British people did not want to do, for low money. It seems that now they might be undercut themselves. What's good for the goose.
lostinlodz 2 | 13
1 Mar 2014 #3
This is just fact, and a revolving door as such.
Once the recruiters start marketing the skilled lower paid people/staff to the CEO or hiring manager the numbers do the talking and the retrenchments start rolling.

Hence Cameron knows he needs to tighten the benefits belt as to stop Polish and other workers once they are kicked out the work force. Hence why its do difficult to get on benefits now. So I would not be surprised if and when more Polish expats start to return to Poland. No one is going to stay in a foreign country and struggle if they can do the same back home.

Just look at the Australians, the South Africans and the other hordes who cam flooding to the UK, allot of the left once they are kicked out the system for cheaper labor. Once you on the scale getting money a lifestyle it is difficult to accept a lower pay for the same job and lower quality of life and style, hence why most Brits don't want to do the jobs when they previously paid better, so instead of pressuring the companies into paying more and be more fair to workers, we have immigration and benefits. So the problem remains and companies seek cheap, work till you drop dead tired and replaced by young easy too fool people.

The problem is systematic as its bound to fail, the more profit the companies make from employees, the less money consumers have to spend in a economy meaning less goods are sold meaning less profits and the cycle continue.
Kowalski 7 | 621
1 Mar 2014 #4
meanwhile in London
we expect your respect
Mark the tyre
11 Apr 2015 #5
The polish used to be great workers when they first came,but now there arrogant bastards they get council houses fast benefits and they think there better than English workers ,basically they have got to big for there boots.i used to employ 30 polish staff now I have only Romanian they are better workers and appreciate the job.the poles are going to find it hard to compete with the Romanians,yes they have a bad name of the tv,but slowly people are starting to se they are good workers and starting to trust them
Crow 155 | 9,030
11 Apr 2015 #6
seams to me that, this way or another, Poles in UK somehow often looks bad. Feel free to correct me if i`m wrong. Of course, i don`t speak of Polish politicians.
Wulkan - | 3,212
11 Apr 2015 #7
but now there arrogant bastards they get council houses fast benefits

what, you thought this kind of life style was made exclusively for third world immigration?

i used to employ 30 polish staff

I'm glad to hear that they got smart and don't work their asses off for peanuts anymore.

the poles are going to find it hard to compete with the Romanians

Those Poles already learnt English, got qualifications and moved ahead bro.

yes they have a bad name of the tv

it's because people like you don't know the difference between native Romanian and a gypsy
Roger5 1 | 1,449
12 Apr 2015 #8
seams to me that, this way or another, Poles in UK somehow often looks bad.

Poles in the UK have an extremely good reputation. Despite the small, noisy groups of xenophobes that stir up ill-will, the vast majority of British people have very positive attitudes towards Poles. The gutter press, e.g. the Daily Mail, often use clearly and understandably unpopluar EU legislation to try to drive a wedge between British people and immigrants, but it hasn't worked to any great extent ( a case in point is the payment of child support for Polish children who have never lived in the UK). Poles are seen as law-abiding and hardworking. An often heard utterence is "I'd rather have a hardworking Polish family living next door to me than a useless British welfare family all claiming benefits". A point in praise of Britain: where else in the world would a million incomers be as welcomed as Poles have been in Britain? It is deeply ironic that the American Brit haters on this forum forget that there are no, and never have been, Polack jokes in the UK.
Crow 155 | 9,030
12 Apr 2015 #9

your comment promising hope for understanding and peace in Europe.
Mister H 11 | 761
25 May 2015 #10
You speak like a champagne socialist, Roger5.
Avalon 4 | 1,068
25 May 2015 #11
Then, as a champagne conservative, I feel I must endorse Roger5's sentiments. My friends and family in the UK, confirm what he has stated,
Lyzko 45 | 9,274
26 May 2015 #12
Romanian manual workers making POLES look bad????!

Sure it isn't the other way 'round?

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