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Has racism towards Polish migrants increased in the UK since Brexit?

20 Jan 2017 #1
I was wondering what people's personal opinion about this specifically. Also if you have reason to believe that racism has spiked since the vote, where has racism been most prevalent?
NoToForeigners 10 | 1,013
20 Jan 2017 #2
It's not racism lol. It's so called hate crime. Term invented by PC loonies.
OP white2001
20 Jan 2017 #3
Do you think hate crimes have increased?
gregy741 5 | 1,250
20 Jan 2017 #4
violent crime overall has increased massively in the UK,last year.i just been reading some newspapers today, and violent crime has risen by 24% in the past 12 months.]]
shocking really
OP white2001
20 Jan 2017 #5
Do you think that this is because people are now able to freely express their hatred without being judged?
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,838
20 Jan 2017 #6
if you looked at the links, white, you would see that it is a general rise in crime, not 'hatecrime', and could be due to different ways of reporting crime, or other factors.
Atch 20 | 3,903
20 Jan 2017 #7
They will continue to be judged, what makes you think they're not being judged? Society as a whole, regardless of political views, takes a dim view of violent crime whatever the motives. Only a minority see nothing wrong with it.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,838
20 Jan 2017 #8
Obviously criminals are 'being judged' if official crime figures have gone up...
what a stupid comment.
kaz200972 2 | 229
20 Jan 2017 #9
I agree there has been a rise in 'reported' violent crime but there could be any number of reasons for this including the fact that the police paying more attention to crimes that were considered less serious a couple of years back. There might not be an increase in violent crime in real terms.

As for hate crime I doubt it has increased significantly, I think since Brexit the media is more likely to write about crimes against ethnic minorities because they can link it into current political trends and events, anything for an interesting story I suppose, especially as these stories always seem to draw lots of people into the comment sections of the paper!

There are certainly no great changes in attitudes to Poles in Shropshire.
20 Jan 2017 #10
It is true that sex crimes are in the rise in the uk :

English , because they fear to be called racists, did not report sex related crimes of pakistani gangs for decades !
What a sad country ! I dont understand why people/liberals want so much multi culti ?
Are they so much blind and stupid ?

One in five inmates prison are muslims !
No wonder the crimes in UK is on the rise and will continue to grow since muslim population and minorities non european are growing in uk .

One in four children under ten is already from a minority group.
It means in 50 years time 25% of the population of UK will be non white !
In 100 years UK will be 50% non white and 200 years white minorities i guess probably around 20% and maybe muslim will be in power.
That wont be a nice place to live anymore !

NOTE : when they talk about minorities they do not even include polish children.
Polish children are included in the white majority.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,838
20 Jan 2017 #11
It is true that sex crimes are in the rise in the uk :

no, the reporting and recording of sex crimes has risen, in the wake of various scandals.
Awrite pal - | 11
20 Jan 2017 #12
In my opinion the hate crimes towards Poles have increased significantly because of the Brexit. Not since the Brexit though. I think it's since the campaign for Brexit. So, UK had problem (and still has), because they allowed too many immigrants into their country, what put a lot of the British people in worse conditions. And in my opinion is they are right about the Brexit, because European Union's policies went wrong way in so many fields. In the long run UK is better with the EU, but they need to say this strong "no" to direct things into right direction.

Anyway, back to the topic, the Brexit TV agenda focused on immigrant problems, but they were afraid of pointing out black immigrants, so they wouldn't be accused of racism. They were afraid of pointing out Muslims, as they didn't want to be accused of islamophobia, so they've chosen biggest ethnic group of white Christians and that is Poles. And if you focus whole leave campaign about saying **** about one nation you get hate crimes about this group and from the news you must see it. If you hate Poles there is no word for it. You hate blacks - you get labeled as a racist and you make your political suicide, you hate Muslims, almost the same with islamophobia, you hate Jews - antisemitism. You hate Poles - you are a bigot and most people don't even know what that means.
21 Jan 2017 #13
Awrite pal :

True , English are very politically correct much more than continetal europe.
They do not want too much blacks or muslims but they cannot sayt it so thery prefer to aim at easy target : poles.
At least they wont be prosecuted and labelled "RACIST".

Thats why multi culturalism must be avoided at all cost in Poland.
You cannot say your mind anymore; You cannot called a blacktrash beacsue it is racist. But whitetrash it is fine.
You cannot say muslimtrash to a pakistani scum either.

At least in Poland you can tell your mind.
Non europeans cannot have free lunch in Poland.
ender 5 | 398
19 Feb 2017 #14
I know that movie is in polish but for Poles who doubt in English racism toward Poles.
NoToForeigners 10 | 1,013
19 Feb 2017 #15
How damn stupid people have to be to still stay abroad and keep their children in danger?
rokesby - | 1
22 May 2017 #16
@Awrite pal
The difference is that when Black migrants came to the UK in the late 1940's onwards they were not only coming from Commonwealth countries connected to the UK, they spoke the same language, had the same Queen, had the same educational system and did not claim any form of benefits. They came here and worked and took nothing out of the system. They did not apply for state housing, they did not apply for social security benefits, etc. Another problem is that you are conflating black people as if they are one homogeneous group. Would you like for Polish people to be equated with Russian or Germans?

Another fact I would like to point out (and I am not African) is that African migrants (from Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria and Egypt) are one of the most highly educated groups in both the UK and USA. People believe it is Asian people, but it is not.Google the 'invisible model minority' if you do not believe me. They are the group with the largest income out of minority.migrant groups. They often have more than one degree and they are highly educated so are not coming into the UK to work in low skilled or unskilled jobs.

The same applies to Indian migrants in this country - most are highly qualified and educated - That is the difference.
gregy741 5 | 1,250
22 May 2017 #17
Google the 'invisible model minority' if you do not believe me.

no ,i dont believe you..i been living in London for like 15 years.i dont know where you got that rubbish from,BBC possibly.go walk streets of brixton and stratford,i see those african "engineers" everyday.

they spoke the same language, had the same Queen, had the same educational system

yea.clearly BBC.they like that saying.."africans and asians are closer to british culturally than europeans,cus we share the same queen" lol.. and stupid ppl believe that.

sure..cast systems,child marriages,honor killings ,acid attacks,woman genital mutilations ect. are very close culturally to british.
2 Feb 2018 #18

Brexit resulting in hostility from British people

I live in Southampton where there is a large Polish community. I was wondering if anyone else has felt there is an increased hostility from locals as a result of the Brexit vote.
idem - | 132
2 Feb 2018 #19

I am not sure what is the source of these 'facts'? - I understand African emigrants are all princes and millionaires one live in council house, no one claims child benefit, unemployment benefits?????

Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt - all highly educated emigrants...? - Where do you have this data from?
mafketis 35 | 10,714
2 Feb 2018 #20
t African migrants (from Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria and Egypt) are one of the most highly educated groups in both the UK and USA

Yeah, since when has Africa needed highly educated people? What do they need doctors or engineers or intellectuals for?
idem - | 132
2 Feb 2018 #21
Of course there are lots educated people in Africa and some of them emigrated to USA, UK but saying that only educated people emigrated it is a bit of overstatement. Most emigrants -in general - are just a mixture some more educated, some less ....some more eager to work some less...
Wulkan - | 3,243
2 Feb 2018 #22
Has racism towards Polish migrants increased in the UK since Brexit?

No, I'm well respected by the locals now just like I was before Brexit, nothing changed.

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