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Question for UK Poles who voted in the last British elections - what party and why?

WielkiPolak 56 | 1,008
29 May 2015 #1
Hi folks

I am currently working on an article for the Goniec Polski magazine in the UK.

I am asking Polish people who voted in the last British elections, what party they voted for and why. Preferably those who voted for the conservatives, as they won. If you could explain why you voted for them and why you did not vote for Labour. If you however voted for a different party, feel free to tell me that too, I may still put it in.

Anyone interested in giving me this information, let me know and I'll PM you. You'll need to give me your name and age [it can just be your first name but you can give surname if you want] and how long you have lived in the UK.

Anyway we'll sort all that out via PM. I may also give you my email where you can send your information. I am looking to send the article in by Monday. This is a little opportunity for you to get your opinion in to the Polish magazine. Those living in the UK will know that it's a free magazine that can be picked up in most Polish shops, so you can then have a read when it is published.
29 May 2015 #2
How is it Poles could vote in the UK but Brits can't in Poland?
OP WielkiPolak 56 | 1,008
29 May 2015 #3
I don't know. I'm pretty sure if a Brit gets citizenship in Poland they can vote. I am talking about Polish people who have British citizenship. I believe that you get it after 5 years of residence.
Atch 22 | 4,117
29 May 2015 #4
Ok, this is how it works. Any Pole living in the UK can vote in European elections, so they can have a say in which MEPS represent Britain in the EU parliament. They can also vote in local elections for town councils. They can't vote in general/national elections unless they are British citizens. There were a number of local elections held at the same time as the recent general election so all Poles living in the UK could vote in those.
Lolek222 - | 79
30 May 2015 #5
I have voted Labour, Tories are good for the rich.

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