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Poles living in the UK returning home or not?

13 Jan 2011 #61
My DNA proves that I am

Unfortunately your actions prove that you are not. Your actions very very much demonstrate that you do not want to be a Pole and that you do want to be an American. This is reflected in the way that you asked to no longer be treated as Poles are treated and to instead be treated as an American.

that's why they don't go to football matches

The vast majority of people in Warsaw don't go to football matches.

Poles don't like non whites and that's a fact.

Please don't judge Poles by your own bigoted standards. You are not a Pole and you clearly do not know what Poles think.

Even one is too many.

Of course it is. But the number of Poles murdered in the UK must certainly be lower than the number of deaths caused in the UK by Poles driving while drunk.
Mr Grunwald 33 | 2,019
13 Jan 2011 #62
"We do not see them here," says Prof Krystyna Iglicka, of the Centre for International Affairs in Warsaw

Sad news, I hope it was just a minor mistake
Poland needs her youth/manpower!
southern 75 | 7,096
13 Jan 2011 #63
They just change country according to economic conditions.Now it is UK when economy sinks they go to Germany then to Scandinavia it is a gypsy like situation(it is called mobility of the workforce).

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