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Thank you, Poles? It is what Irish have become.

RevokeNice 15 | 1,854
13 Sep 2013 #1
Walking through the Blackpool (!) area of Cork city is a depressing experience. A former tightly-knit community with its own distinct accent, humour and sports teams, it's now soulless and atomised, with literally every fourth person a 'visible minority'. The sense of community has been totally destroyed. Incredibly, this transformation took place in little more than a decade. Alan Shatter must be well pleased as he contemplates the wreckage. In any other context those responsible for such a dramatic societal degradation would suffer some consequences.But as every schoolboy knows, we are in a unique context here, where questions-are-not-asked and consequences are not suffered.But there is a bright spot in this otherwise bleak firmament. You see, almost every retail establishment in this area, and others too, is staffed with large numbers of pretty, helpful and hard-working White Eastern European girls, mainly from Poland. Their presence contributes significantly towards offsetting the genetic degradation engineering by the likes of Shatter. So thank you, Poles. May you stay long, have plenty of kids and help us avoid genetic destruction.Posted by SAVANT at 10:24

Is this what we Irish have become. Being grateful our towns have been taken over by Eastern Europeans, instead of blacks and arabs?
14 Sep 2013 #2
Is this what we Irish have become.

Have you been ever anything else? Expect for occasional delusion of grandeur you have been known mainly for immigration, stirring shyte, drinking and dancing. I don't understand what you are doing all that song and dance about few dark skinned fellows on your shore. If that is all about Eastern Europeans? You for millennia have been Eastern Europeans of the western Europe and do make a mistake about that.

If Brits complain about influx of foreigner we can talk about double standard, arrogance, selfishness, ignorance and have a go at them for hours. When you as an Irish talk about immigrants, foreigners, influx on the sacred shores of your emerald wonderful island you just embarrass majority of your countrymen and it sound really pathetic.
Wroclaw Boy
14 Sep 2013 #4
Humm but what the English did in colonising half the planet was way, way worse.
McDouche 6 | 284
18 Sep 2013 #5
I see RN has posted a white supremacist blog. It's entertaining to read the comments section though as some people seem to be trolling those white supremacists. I wonder who they are and are they from PF?

It's quite the conundrum. ;-)
smurf 39 | 1,969
18 Sep 2013 #6
Bore off RN.
local_fela 17 | 172
18 Sep 2013 #7
White Eastern European girls, mainly from Poland

"I see what you did there" Or, I know what you mean! :D

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