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Poles - go home make your country better

dolnoslask 6 | 3,074
22 May 2016 #31
Well its fair to say as a British Person you will soon have a vote to leave the EU, and stop the migration, not long now.
Dougpol1 32 | 2,673
22 May 2016 #32
The UK does need Poles, just as Germany needs immigrants.
It is only countries such as Poland that are nationalist and clueless as to how the Free Market actually works.
Mr Wiech
22 May 2016 #33
We the British people

You what mate? Are u r boots too big maybe? Jump a lake and take your mates with you.

were brought here by traitors,

By your ruling class, bussienes and your bosses you ignorant simpleton.
24 May 2016 #34
hahaha "go home, we dont need you in our country" says a Brit whos country ruled over half of the world. Who will forbid me to live in your sh1tty country? You? It is so funny when people from West Europe like Brits think they are better than Slavs...
Kezcaisim 1 | 37
24 May 2016 #35
British people

Now that's an oxymoron, Nigel.
19 Aug 2016 #36
But Poles are so hot! I'd love them to stay. Especially the men. ;)
Poleboy765 - | 66
19 Aug 2016 #37
I'm sure those Poles would gladly leave. Please be more open minded. Somebody has to do the jobs. :) No hard feelings from me.
19 Aug 2016 #38
When you read, "We the British", what is actually meant is, "we the English". Scots don't have the same opinion, so Polish people need not feel so unwelcome. I personally have nothing but good things to say about Poles.
25 Aug 2016 #39
Every Polish person I've met in the UK I've found to be respectful, hardworking and kind. The UK has taken in a lot of immigrants from third world countries. In countries like India, Pakistan, Jamaica and parts of Africa it's every man or women for themselves. There is no compassion, no empathy, they not thoughtful people and these attributes are inherent in culture. Even second generation people who are born in the UK have that in their nature. So no, I'd prefer if there were more Polish people and less of the others because they generally have more class.
majkel - | 64
25 Aug 2016 #40
The thing is that it's easy to pick on Eastern Europeans because then you are not 'racist', and it's easiest to pick on Poles, because we are the largest EE community.

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