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No Poles Allowed! - Latest Polonophobic Outrage Out of Britain

Miloslaw 7 | 3,264
4 May 2018 #211

Very well said.

I could not have put that better myself!
mafketis 23 | 8,417
4 May 2018 #212
there's two flights leaving everyday from Chicago to Warsaw

And there's 9 flights a day between the British Isles and Wrocław on cheap airlines

Infrastructure matters and the combination of distance plus expense means less travel and more losing contact. Also as a recent group Poles in the UK maintain more contact with each other and family in Poland. there's no big movement of Poles to the US and there hasn't been in a long time, there's no equivalent of the intense back and forth between Poland and the British Isles (not to mention Germany, Belgium, Scandinavia, Italy....)

Poles in the US are fewer on the ground and more integrated into US society (since most arrived before the fetid multicultural flower bloomed). People in Poland mostly regard American Polonia as out of touch and more concerned with things of little interest to most Poles in Poland while Poles in the British Isles (Germany etc) are family, friends and neighbors living between two countries....
spiritus 68 | 666
4 May 2018 #213
To be fair, I have to agree with Dirk when he says there is a degree of anti-Polish sentiment in the UK.

It is real and it does exist. Bizarrely enough, I have had conversations with people who openly admit they are fed up of Eastern Europeans living here (they include Poles in that category) yet they don't complain about having to drive past 5 mosques on the way home.

Weird eh ?

It's not just the Daily Mail either. TV programs also stoke the fires
Ironside 49 | 10,327
4 May 2018 #214
The British want immigration to be controlled.

The Brits voted for Brexit due to the EU immigration issue i.e. there is too many of them. That is a short and long of it.

As to sentiments and feelings Bits might have or not have towards Poles or so called EE that is a different issue.
Generally speaking they are more tolerant and open than the French, Danish, German, Italians, Greeks (regardless of the rhetoric and policies) but are less open and tolerant than Poles and Americans.

Not that it all matters much in the big scheme of things. lol!
After all Europeans are more tolerant and open than China, Japan, India or other non European (i.e. euroapen culture)
cms neuf - | 1,599
4 May 2018 #215
Spiritus one of the weird quirks of the Brexit vote is that about a third of Indian and Pakistani voters chose leave - one reason for that is a promise that once the Poles and Romanians stopped coming it would be easier for their cousins to immigrate to the UK

I agree that there is definitely a bit of anti Polish feeling ib the UK - it is mainly resentment about wages and job openings - people know poles are more easily assimilated and are hard working but that doesn't help a low wage british person.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,550
4 May 2018 #216

Football sucks. Its the only sport where all the action is in the stadiums and not on the pitch. Most of the fans and nationalists that go to football games dont even go for the game but to beat the crap out of the other teams people, throw bananas at the foreign players, intimidate police, and unfurl banner proclaiming things like Polska Dla Polakow, Stop Islamizacji Europy, etc.

@cms neuf
Poles have been going back and forth to germany and uk for years and it won't stop. Students would go decades before polands eu entry to pick strawberries in Germany during their summer break. Nonetheless a huge chunk, id say probably around half dont plan on living in uk or germany for good. Theyre only there to make a higher wage than they would in poland and while each persons situation is a lil.different almost everyone falls into one or more category - they have family in pl they support, they come back to pl a few times a month to spend their money, they have an apartment in uk/germany but a family home in pl which theh view as their true home, or theyre saving up to retire in pl. I know this is bc i am a partner in a currency exchange. Summer is the best season with christmas and some of the other religious holidays pretty busy as well.

Polish patriots? So the 60k that marched in Warsaw werent patriots? I hate to break it to you but the vast majority of poles, according to CBOS, dont want muslim and african migrants. Wed rather be considered xenophobes, or perhaps even paranoid, than deal with cultural enrichment trucks and rapefugees. That's why poland hasn't had a single islamic terror attack or mass rape like cologne.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,550
4 May 2018 #217
This isn't an imaginary phenomenon. No, all poles arent like getting attacked once they step out of their house (britain isnt like south africa.... yet) BUT many poles have been told to go back home, speak English, that theyll have to leave after brexit, etc especially if they're speaking polish in a public area and some wanker, as you guys like to call them, overhears them and feels like talking down to some strangers. I personally didnt witness it in London as its a large diverse city, but it's there. All these stories whether CNN, daily mail, the Sun, express, BBC, whatever of poles being harassed and even attacked arent a figment of the imagination. The numbers show it too - attacks on poles have gone up not down.

Listen to the interviews with poles too - they plainly say that the attitudes towards them changed and many faced verbal harassment on the streets. A few were attackrd and some were even killed because they were a pole in brexit uk.

Of course its not all brits. It's the same thing in the US with the Hispanics. Many white americans especially those in blue collar jobs were very angry that a flood of people came into their country and felt their livelihood threatened. It's the same thing for the british plumber or carpenter as a pole will work twice as hard as them for less money. Same with those working in factories, agriculture, etc.

The sad thing though is that the brits dont recognize without the poles they wouldve undoubtedly lost the battle of Britain as their pilots were totally inept and ineffective. (Documentary on this called bloody foreigners). Poles saved their ass even after their betrayal and breaking of the mutual defense treaty. So I look at this as reparations. While I can understand why many brits arent too keen on a flood of poles coming in and those sentiments being evident after brexit, I can only encourage my fellow polacy to take the british jobs and send your earnings to poland, live off their benefits, abuse their nhs system, have the taxpayers fund your retirement in poland, have everyone in your family sign up for job seekers allowance - we wont get any financial compensation for the betrayal of ww2 and saving london for the luftwaffe so its up to poles to get even.
Crow 139 | 8,631
4 May 2018 #218
To be fair, I have to agree with Dirk when he says there is a degree of anti-Polish sentiment in the UK.

Not just anti-Polish sentiment. We speak here of anti-Slavic sentiment. Actually, anti-Slavic hysteria of UK society.

Spot this. Newest anti-Serbian move by UK and in accordance with UK-Saudi deals that force formation of Muslim Greater Albania at the heart of Europe >>>

Serbia to rely on Russia and China in dealing with UK's move


Western countries have been trying for a while now to change the format of discussions about Kosovo at the UN Security Council, says President Aleksandar Vucic.

Miloslaw 7 | 3,264
4 May 2018 #219
More bollocks from Dirk and Crow.
Either you have absolutely no idea about Poles in Britain or you are deliberately trolling.
I am in daily contact with Poles,Slowaks,Bulgarians,Romanians,Indians,Sri Lankans and loads of other nationalities.
There is virtually no hostility from Brits against Poles.Most are very aware of the Polish contribution in WW2,especially 302 and 303 squadrons(look them up Dirk).

The biggest racial hostility I see is Poles against Indians.
It's not nasty,they get on well enough with them but are rightly disgusted by some of their habits,customs and lack of hygiene.

Most of the Indians in my area are Hindus and many wear that dot on their foreheads.
So naturally,Poles call them "Kropeks".
The Indians in return refer to Poles as "Kurwa".
BTW Dirk,if there was any real hostility from Brits against Poles,the Poles are more than capable of looking after themselves and would be embarrassed by your comments.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,550
4 May 2018 #220
That's not what numerous Polish people are saying. The numbers also prove that attacks and hate crimes against Poles have gone up. But of course all the people that are saying they've been harassed, attacked, etc are all lying right?
UK's Polish community targeted in hate crimes
This is from last year - not 2004, 2005...

There's been dozens of hate crimes against Poles - that's why Poland sent two officers to help prevent more hate crimes. From 2015
Why Polish migrants decided to strike in the UK
On Thursday, Britain had its first ever strike by migrants. It was called by a group of Polish immigrants to push back at being blamed for Britain's economic problems.

Also from last year -
The Poles leaving the UK after Brexit - BBC News

There is virtually no hostility from Brits against Poles

Prove it. I've proven that there is a significant amount of hostility, verbal harassment, dozens of hate crimes, etc. against Poles. Keep putting on the rose colored glasses. I have yet to see any evidence from you that there isn't hostility, there were no hate crimes, and that the Polish people saying that they're harassed and verbally abused are all liars....

The Polish people in the videos above are saying the opposite of what you are... but perhaps they're also trolling and don't know what they're talking about...
Brexit - «70% of Poles living here feel either uncomfortable or scared of what's going to happen"

NI and Ireland seems not to be too keen on Poles either -
Anti-Polish Loyalist's burn Polish flag on Bonfire
Crow 139 | 8,631
5 May 2018 #221
More bollocks from Dirk and Crow.

What you talking about Miroslawe? What you want man? I didn`t start this thread. Brat Bieganski did it. Go convince him how English love Poles (just give up on trying to convince me).
Chemikiem 6 | 2,160
5 May 2018 #222
I could not have put that better myself!

Thanks! Just my input on the situation but I'm sure that whatever I say Dirk will carry on regardless telling those who actually live in the UK that we're wrong!

I have to agree with Dirk when he says there is a degree of anti-Polish sentiment in the UK.

I think there were definitely tensions immediately after the post Brexit vote, and the incidents that did occur are what Dirk is focussing on, this was 2 years ago, and the situation is not the same now as it was then. Much as he would like it to be. In addition, Poles were not the only group to come under atttack at that time.

I am not saying that anti-Polish sentiment does not exist, especially in those areas where there has been a significant increase in the number of Poles. Boston, Lincolnshire, is a good example of this, and I can understand that the locals there may well feel that jobs are being taken away because an awful lot of Poles descended on what is just a small rural town in a very short space of time, but generally the Brits look upon the Poles favourably.

Polish patriots? So the 60k that marched in Warsaw werent patriots?

Either you haven't understood a word I've been saying or you are deliberately missing my point. There is a difference between Patriotism and Nationalism. There are a minority of people who cause trouble at that march every year, the far-right nationalist element, the Polska dla Polaków chanting mob. What I am trying to tell you is that England has yobs with that same mentality, and these are the type of people who attack/target Poles. England for the English and all that. Yet the very people you look up to are the same type that will cause problems for Poles in the UK. And please give it a rest about the Muslims, this thread is not about them.

This is from last year

No it is not. It quite clearly says September 2016, the very period I am talking about, immediately post-Brexit when hostilities against Poles and other groups of people were at their height. Dirk, all the links and vids you have posted are all from this period. I am not trying to deny there were problems, but it is not the same now, two years on from that. How many more times do I have to tell you this or are you not prepared to accept this truth because it suits your view to have Poles forever painted as victims? I have news for you. The type of people who target Poles are generally not too fussy about targeting other groups of people either, be it Romanians, Bulgarians, Muslims etc. Pond life basically.

The simple truth is that by and large, Poles have assimilated well into the UK and are generally liked and respected.

we wont get any financial compensation for the betrayal of ww2 and saving london for the luftwaffe so its up to poles to get even.

Have you ever considered that maybe Poles these days are looking to the future and not living in the past? You appear to be quite a bitter person.The Poles i know are happy to be in the UK, are settled with jobs and businesses. The ones who I personally know that have returned have done so because the UK wasn't what they were expecting, or because they were homesick. Some I know are thinking of going back but only because of the uncertainty Brexit is causing, they are not sure if there will be jobs in the future for them.

There is virtually no hostility from Brits against Poles.Most are very aware of the Polish contribution in WW2,

Exactly. It is not what some people here want to hear though.
Crow 139 | 8,631
5 May 2018 #223
People, don`t be naive. When one English think of Polish contribution in WW2, he equals that to Polish stupidity. That is why they invent so many anti-Polish jokes. That is how they grow up- fully convinced in Polish stupidity. Sure, Poles sincerely were involved in all that, during WWII. Poland was in tragic situation but, Britain used it maximally. Just look at British casualties in WWII and Poland`s casualties or other Slavic casualties. One English rejoice when looks at those data, while Poles have to be honored with English monuments to them. Please.
Miloslaw 7 | 3,264
5 May 2018 #224

Once again the voice of reason.
I think you are right when you say there is no point trying to convince Dirk because he thinks he knows better than
people who actually live here.
And as for Crow,he has his own agenda.
mafketis 23 | 8,417
5 May 2018 #225
I've never lived in the UK (and have no desire to) but I did pay a lot of attention to the British press in the aftermath of Poland joining the EU (along with Polish media cause I live here)

At the time the Polish government was more or less openly encouraging people to leave for the UK with glowing stories about how great Poles were doing there while the British press was a lot more.... subdued. Not that overtly negative but hardly positive and critical on occasion (I remember one guy who'd lost his living arrangement and friends said he could stay in their second house with the Polish couple who were supposed to be caretakers. He found out they were renting out rooms (without telling the owners) and engaged in lots of petty dishonesty like burning through phone agreements (getting a phone and not paying until they cut off service and then going back with a slightly different version of their names).

Anti-Polish feeling might seem greater than it is because people unconsciously absorbed government propaganda meant to get them off the domestic rolls of the unemployed (when Poland wasn't really creating jobs) which was different from the reality on the ground.
Crow 139 | 8,631
5 May 2018 #226
And as for Crow,he has his own agenda.

Absolutely. And most ugly thing is that I doing it for free.

Anyway, what I wanted to tell here. Poles, my sisters and brothers. Forget Britain and pray that this with Multi-Polar world works. If not for the Multi-Polar world, Poland would in next 50 years lose half of its population. That much Poland`s western European partners care for Poland. Thay care so much that they killing Poland with their love.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,550
5 May 2018 #227
Again, like i said in the last page yes the anti polish sentiment has gone down now since the brexit vote and prior to that polands eu ascension. That doesnt mean poles should forget how they were treated just 1-2 years ago (let alone during ww2 and prl era) and it doesn't mean that they won't experience this kind of treatment in the future yet again.

And what's wrong with the polska dla polakow crowd? If poland isnt suppose to be for polish people, than who? Britain is a mostly immigrant country, poland is not nor does it wish to become one.

And fyi I've been to participated in Nov 11 celebrations. It is not the narodowcy that cause problems - it is the few dozen antifa that try to block all the people nationalists and families alike. Theyll use tactics like sitting and refuse to move (the polish police quickly manhandle them and toss them in the back of a party wagon) or even whip out their d1cks and start peeing so that people.are forced to walk in it and banners get dirty. Atleast no one cares when these nasty ***** are promptly removed.
kaprys 3 | 2,377
5 May 2018 #228
Polska dla Polaków.
Anglia dla Anglików ... i Polaków.

I have to agree with Chemikiem. It's the same type of people who attack Poles in the UK and foreigners in Poland.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,550
5 May 2018 #229
The difference is though the British opened the arms to a seemingly unlimited flow of foreigners with open borders and basically no vetting because they realized they needed a 2nd citizen class of cheap workers - the problem is they overdid it by not being selective who they let in, limiting people from certain countries, limiting people who wouldn't be a net benefit, etc. The British weren't going to work in the fields or blue collar trades at competitive, globalized wages and they knew that most of the Muslims that refuse to assimilate there weren't going to work anywhere, except for a few selling t-shirts and kebabs, so they needed Eastern Europeans to do the hard productive labor - construction, agriculture, manufacturing, etc. The Indians, Pakistanis, Caribbeans, Muslims, etc. weren't going to take those types of jobs - they each have their own thing going on and tend not to work in the more blue collar trades. The blue collar Brits were against this obviously because they wanted to keep their 20 30 pound an hour painting, carpentry, plumbing, etc. jobs. Poles undercut their earnings so they could get a foothold in the market and eventually dominate it.

Poland was very careful in who it took in - it only wanted other Eastern Europeans namely Ukrainians and Belarussians because, like UK, Poland now due to its new found wealth needs a 2nd class of cheap workers. However, Poland did not want to take in Muslims and Africans as their experience with taking in Muslims in the past wasn't good as despite all the money spent over half of them left for Germany anyway plus the risk of Islamic terrorism was too great. Also, the vast majority of Poles rejected migration from these lands so it would've been a deeply unpopular political move. Not so with Ukrainians though.

And FYI - you guys in UK should pull a Soros and short your pounds especially as interest rates will surely rise in the next few months triggering a sell off

It's the same type of people who attack Poles in the UK and foreigners in Poland.@ kaprys

Yes, patriots who do not want to become a minority in their own country and have their native culture eroded and replaced with Marxist multiculturalism.

Now that even the more nationalist Brits realize that Poles are a net benefit to the country as they assimilate, work hard, and don't cause problems by setting up no go zones and waving sings saying 'UK Go TO Hell' 'No Democracy - We Just Want Sharia' etc now even UKIP is wooing Poles....
mafketis 23 | 8,417
5 May 2018 #230
he difference is though the British opened the arms to a seemingly unlimited flow of foreigners

The governments did (and both parties are in agreement on the issue and don't care what the public wants so the policy cannot be stopped by voting)
Ironside 49 | 10,327
5 May 2018 #231
I have to agree

What kind of nonsense it is? Has anyone been attacked in Poland for being a foreigner? That BIG news - when did it happened.

England for the English; Polska dla Polaków

Hmm that is not quite the same Chemikiem. I would even say that the massage and philosophy behind those two 'slogans' is entirely different.

@Dirk diggler
stop that blathering, geez.. you're worse than washerwomen.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,550
5 May 2018 #232
both parties are in agreement on the issue and don't care what the public wants so the policy cannot be stopped by voting)

Sadly yes.... the conservatives/torys are traitors - they're not conservative at all!

I wouldn't be surprised if Brexit doesn't even up going through its a shame that the British put up with the nonsense of their government.. Not to mention that freedom of speech has totally gone out the window and now people are getting arrested and prosecuted for thought crime..
cms neuf - | 1,599
5 May 2018 #233
Increasing interest rates normally increases a currency's value.

You are right however that the Pound will go down more - Brexit will be a disaster for the currency. I dont think it will be stopped - they already sent the letter and the EU is preparing for life without them. The British govt negotiations are in disarray but i think the EU definitely wants them gone by the end of 2020.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,550
5 May 2018 #234
Sorry should've clarified - UK was expected to raise rates (by .25%) but most believe that will no longer happen and at best will remain or perhaps even be cut.. not increase them - wrote that in error. They originally were suppose to increase the rates but decided against it due to slow 2018 growth and tepid borrowing

he British govt negotiations are in disarray but i think the EU definitely wants them gone by the end of 2020.@ cms neuf

I don't know.. I still think that most the Eurocrats want UK to remain

But yeah UK cant seem to get their sh1t together with Brexit negotiations... Seeing as the conservatives resemble labor more and more everyday I didn't think it would be this messy yet they can't agree on anything
Crow 139 | 8,631
5 May 2018 #235
Beware Poles. Love of Britain is love of Black widow.
dolnoslask 5 | 2,905
5 May 2018 #236
Crow have you ever been to Britain?, have you ever lived or worked there?

Britain is brilliant for anyone with fresh bright ideas or just plain simple hard working, you can make make a very good living there without any doubt,, its also still a great place to live and have have a good family life especially if you live away from the inner cities.

Beauty of being a pole in Britain is that you can always return to Poland if things go shite, also Poles will continue to be European citizens post Brexit so there are many many other future options for poles,

I feel sorry for the British once the alienate themselves from Europe, what a shame unlike Poland they never had the Balls to stand up to the issues or problems they had with EU bureaucracy ( I Don't think the EU ever threatened them with court action) Britain just turned tail and chose to exit rather than to fight their corner in the EU, nuts considering the financial power and cash that Britain has held/ handed over to the EU.

Can anyone explain this mad course Britain has taken without even a fight to put right what they were not happy about? .
Miloslaw 7 | 3,264
5 May 2018 #237
Because whenever The UK have disagreed with The EU in the past they were overruled.
It wasn't a fight worth having and The British decided they were better off getting out now before things get worse,and they will,than fighting a futile fight from within to change it.

Britain doesn't need The EU.
Poland does but I think even Poland will reach that crossroads point when they start thinking they may be better off outside The EU.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,550
5 May 2018 #238
Can anyone explain this mad course Britain has taken without even a fight to put right what they were not happy about?

It is a cucked country, and like cucks they prefer to accept a simpler reality than to resist and fight. Poland is not a cucked society, that's why it is fighting the EU when it feels the EU has crossed a red line. It's really that simple.... Poles are fighters, British are not - at least not anymore..

you can make make a very good living there without any doubt,,

The salaries are no better than in the US, Germany, and most Western nations yet the cost of living - especially real estate prices - are out of this world. In fact, I'd argue the average salaries are lower than in the United States (and perhaps even places like Austria, Finland, Iceland, etc) yet the cost of living doesn't even compare. My friend bought a tiny condo and when he told me he paid 700k pounds for it I couldn't believe it - but he wasn't lying. Unless you want to live around neckbeards and ninjas, be prepared to spend a ridiculous sum of money. And forget about a place like Kensington or Chelsea unless you're a multimillionaire. I remember one listing was for a small 2 story house with only 3 bedrooms, no yard whatsoever, and still they wanted something like 2.5 3 million pounds for it.
cms neuf - | 1,599
5 May 2018 #239
I disagree Miro - the UK had a serious voice in the EU and was exempt from the currency union, schengen and the social rules. Outside the EU they will struggle badly both financially and politically - the main industry is finance and that relies on them being the office for the EU. I realize that did not strike a chord with voters outside the cities but they are the ones who will be worse off after Brexit.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,550
5 May 2018 #240
Poles are fighters, British are not - at least not anymore..

Actually I take that back - afterall Farage is British... and the voters did pass Brexit...

it wasn't totally to due with money though - it also had to do with asserting more sovereignty and being able to set its own immigration and economic policies. one of the reasons why these negotiations are taking a long time is because the EU is putting out so many fires at once.

Yes they made exemptions. Another thing though is they also felt like they had basically given control of the EU to the Germans. This is adding insult to injury - they see a defeated WW2 power basically once again reasserting its will over Europe - albeit with bureaucracy and not Panzers and Stukas. It didn't help that many of the older folks, which oftentimes worked in a trade their whole lives whether fishing, construction, agriculture, whatever suddenly had all these new rules which weren't even made by the British government. It was a big pride thing too - and some Brits have huge ego's which props to them they ruled most the world a long time. So when now they're reduced to basically their only original island and some minor territories like the Falklands and now EU, lead by Germany of all people, is basically swaying the EU to impose all these restrictions on manufacturing, banking, business, immigration, education and asking the UK to spend billions upon billions of dollars - much of which E Europe gets (Thanks guys!) well you'd be pissed too if you were some native Englishmen who's whole family is English and now suddenly you have all these new rules at your business increasing your costs, the market is flooded with competition, you see boats in historically british waters everyday now if you're a britishmen while now you're in a fully globalized economy so if youre selling a commodity you can't charge nearly as much for it anymore... and its just a cascading effect.... this is why so many of the older peeps too voted for brexit while college educated youth and lefties chose remain

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