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Can anyone transport a car from Poland to Ireland?

macias2406 1 | -
26 Feb 2014 #1
Hi, i'm looking for someone who can transport car Nissan Skyline from Poland Jawiszowice beside Oswiecim to Northern Ireland Dungannon. Car can't be drove due to no tax and MOT. Thanks
Forfour44 9 | 94
27 Feb 2014 #3
The car can be driven. You will need a Polish safety check, 99zl.
You will need to pre-book an MOT and ask the garage to send you the info on the booking and have it printed to show any Police who stop you.

If they see you have it booked in. They will give you a week to sort it out and to prove it's all up to UK standard.

Not a big issue at all.
You can even contact your local Police station and ask them what you need. They are helpful if you are trying to avoid doing something wrong.
Mikemaher - | 1
23 Aug 2015 #4
Merged: Anyone shipped cars from Poland to Ireland?

This was asked before but most people said they just drive. However, as I'm transporting a Fiat Maluch it would be a bit brave to take on 2500km in a weekend. Does anyone have any experience of shipping companies in the northern port cities?


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