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What are these ex tenants from Poland doing? Crammed into apartments - scams?

ryouga 4 | 59
23 Nov 2015 #1
This is not intented to sound racist or anything but in the last 5 homes I have lived in which are different towns the Polish young males have been crammed into small apartments i.e as much as 8 people in a 2 bedroom apartment but when they move home they dont change their address with the authorities, and ones that work away from home such as on boats use their friends address for official correspondence.

In my current home the ex tenants moved almost 2 years ago but I get constant letters for them which I have opened by accident as most are similar to my own letters or the handwriting is hard to read the name.

According to the letters they havent paid taxes in over 3 years, they get bank statements and cards sent to my address, even had responses to job applications sent and even ones saying they have been accepted for a job, even had court letters for one person and a criminal fine.

Im just trying to work out how common this is as the last few towns i have lived the Polish men have always got letters for unpaid taxes in multiple names, and all have lived in small apartments with multiple men in same room.

If it just happened one apartment I would think it was a one off and they were criminals but everywhere the same thing happens is strange.
23 Nov 2015 #2
The same happens in the UK there is nothing unusual about eight Polish guys sharing a two bed flat, some may work different shifts so its not a problem.

When my family got a house in the UK, 11 of us lived in a 3 bedroom terrace house. this wasn't seen as being unusual.
23 Nov 2015 #3
You do realise it's illegal to open other people's mail? You seem to have opened quite a few letters 'by accident'.

There may be many reasons why ex tenants haven't contacted the authorities. Perhaps their English isn't great, and therefore it's hassle having to contact them. Or maybe they have gone back to Poland knowing they won't be returning, and don't see it as a priority to let the authorities know.

As for being crammed into apartments, I don't personally know too many Poles who do this, but I doubt it would be a scam as such, just trying to save money on the rent i would think.
Ironside 51 | 12,447
23 Nov 2015 #4
Who the hell knows and who cares? Return it all to the sender and notify them they no longer live at the address or dump it all to the bin.

Do you really think such a trifle warrant a topic on the PF?
OP ryouga 4 | 59
23 Nov 2015 #5
When you are tired in the morning and dont see the name on it clearly or the handwriting makes name hard to read then yes.

Plus I have disabilities and its not that its illegal, you can open letters under certain circumstances and its not as bad if its opened when arrived its before arrival.

They have moved back to Poland? Thats why they are applying for jobs in Britain soon.

Here in the UK the reasoning they dont understand is not an excuse,

"oh I dont understand English so didnt realise I dont have to pay my taxes and tell the authorities where I am" Um that wouldnt hold up in court.

And Ironside when you have had police at the door looking for ex tenants you will understand,

And the rent in my flat is £50 per week, I hardly think thats a lot if 2 people are here and there is even apartments locally that are as little as £30 per week for 2 bedrooms as they are in a poor area.
Wulkan - | 3,186
23 Nov 2015 #6
Just stop lying will ya?
OP ryouga 4 | 59
23 Nov 2015 #7
Just stop trolling will ya?
Wulkan - | 3,186
23 Nov 2015 #8
Yes, and trolling, obviously you lie in order to troll.
OP ryouga 4 | 59
23 Nov 2015 #9
No I am speaking the truth so either you are a troll an idiot or both.

By the way I have had problems with neighbours from different countries, had British drug dealer neighbour before, had places where British neighbours have stolen things but its never been consistent, where the Polish neighbours I have had have all done the same sort of things.

And even then I know not all Polish people are the same It could be a specific type of Polish person which is the whole point, its like how people on benefits in the UK can do scams(as can anyone else) so I was trying to work out if it was a specific scam SOME Polish young males did rather than accuse Polish people.

Or are you just a racist?
23 Nov 2015 #10
ryouga It is nice to know that you have £50 a week to spend on a flat, not all of us were in such a good financial position, many people in Poland are on minimum wage, and have family commitments. Sometimes you have to your cloth according to your means.
OP ryouga 4 | 59
23 Nov 2015 #11
That confuses me, as technically no one has the money to spend without working or claiming benefits.

And no idea how that relates to what I said too much as many people in the UK are on minimum wage too.

I cant say much about the ones who lived in my flat before me but at 2 of the previous properties they had money for beer and luxuries one even got drunk every night and he was the one subletting his apartment.
Wulkan - | 3,186
23 Nov 2015 #12
Or are you just a racist?

LOL What? Oh yeah I forgot you've got that autism :-/ just carry on with your thread, I won't get involved anymore and good luck.
23 Nov 2015 #13
ryouga you have lost me along the way too i'm out of here.
OP ryouga 4 | 59
23 Nov 2015 #14
To be clear again what I meant was I am trying to work out if this is a specific part of a certain culture amongst certain young Polish poor males just as in the UK we have bad people on benefits or if it was just a strange coincidence as it seems to common to be a coincidence but I doubt its widespread but trying to get to the bottom of it.
Ironside 51 | 12,447
23 Nov 2015 #15
Write a book about it.
InPolska 9 | 1,805
24 Nov 2015 #16
@Ryouga: Hi! So obviously nothing has changed and apparently the athorities don't give a d.. Your neighors don't pay tax, violate laws and NOTHING is done against them. Unfortunately, a lot of Poles of this kind have moved abroad (my Polish husband was ashamed of them) and they give Poland and all Poles in general a terrible reputation and this leads to xenophobia and racism. I have often read that Poles in Britain were called "white Pakis", is that true?

However, keep bothering authorities and some day (hopefully soon) some one shall react.

Good luck! :)
24 Nov 2015 #17
Yes, they do call Poles white Pakis, I think its funny. Wakis from Polska. I think its because they are very similar in the way both cultures act in the UK. Very insular, own language, don't mix, religious, own food, one hates whites the other hates blacks.

What a mess this country is in.
spiritus 69 | 644
26 Nov 2015 #18
It's not exactly rocket science is it ?

Polish men share space in houses and apartments to save money. It's cheaper that way then to buy a house or even rent somewhere on their own. Poles are in the UK to make money and this is one way of doing it.

Polish couples on the other hand will generally try to find their own place once finances allow.

The sub-letting thing is quite commone-I know a guy who paid £ 550 rent for a terraced house and then let every room out. Not only did this provide him with free accommodation but he made a tidy profit of £ 400+ a month. Once thing the Poles are is resourceful :)

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