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UK Sky TV in Poland

Cosmos 1 | 7
6 Jan 2009 #1
Has anyone managed to get UK Sky TV hooked up in Poland? I moving out soon so need to know if I should bring my box and dish with me! Will be great if i can get English football !
EraAtlantia 2 | 106
6 Jan 2009 #2
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delphiandomine 88 | 18,116
6 Jan 2009 #3
No reason why it won't work - just that you'll need a big enough dish to get all the channels. Depending on the part of Poland you're moving to, you might need as large as a 2m dish - but certainly, your existing Sky minidish won't be good enough for all the UK channels.

The other thing is that you have to maintain a UK billing address and billing account - so if you're doing that, then it's a doddle :)
7 Jan 2009 #4
I can't get any of the BBC or ITV channels here in Krakow on my Sky box, and 4 seems to have stopped working too! Most other channels seem to be OK
OP Cosmos 1 | 7
7 Jan 2009 #5
Great. But have you got a huge dish ?
justdigging - | 1
7 Jan 2009 #6
Hi there. We moved to Krakow 5 years ago with our Sky box and an 80cm dish. We have always managed to get all Sky channels and Channel 5, however no ITV or BBC channels. Just recently, after months of nagging, I managed to get hubby to invest in a 1.8m dish and we had a brill Christmas tuning in to BBC1 and ITV. Hubby has since looked further into the matter and it seems a 2.5m dish will also guarantee BBC2 and Channel 4. If you want further details from the geek himself, send me a pm and I'll pass you onto hubby.
7 Jan 2009 #7
Very very soon, you will be able to get all HD freeview UKTV channels over the internet, and then all you do is just link your computer to the TV and avoid massive dishes.

You can read more about it in this thread---->]
9 Jan 2009 #8
i get most of the free sky channels using an old digibox and an 80cm dish, and an expired sky card.

i am sure if i get a 2m dish i will get bbc and itv channels too....

not sure how it will work with a full paid card....
OP Cosmos 1 | 7
11 Jan 2009 #9
Thanks everyone.. thats really helpful !
g60edition 6 | 174
18 Jan 2009 #10
Im kinda in to the sat hobbie check here(Forum) for details there is everything you will ever need to know and more.Also check out been looking at it my self and I reckon a 1mtr dish pointing to 28.2e Astra should do the trick for you.

This is what details I have for when I stick a dish up.

Address: -zawoja poland
Latitude: 51.9194°
Longitude: 19.1451°

Satellite: 28.2E Astra 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D
Elevation: 30.0°
Azimuth (true): 168.6°
Azimuth (magn.): 164.4°
19 Jan 2009 #11
Ive been looking at it my self and I reckon a 1mtr dish pointing to 28.2e Astra should do the trick for you.

That will do just fine if you can live without BBC, ITV and C4. All the other channels can be had with a 1m dish. As has already been said, you will need to make sure that you have a valid UK address and the Sky account is paid from a UK bank account registered at a UK address.

Personally I'm in the process of getting broaderband internet sorted out and will then use the PC to watch BBC and ITV (and C4) and the dish to watch everything else.
Wroclaw Boy
19 Jan 2009 #12
yeh why did channel 4 just stop working? Channel 4 +1 was active for another few days then that was axed.
g60edition 6 | 174
19 Jan 2009 #13
Sorry Harry kinda misread oops.Not wanting to hijack this thread but im watching some English football on 1 west(Thor) and use a web site latest football.

david1948 - | 1
23 Jan 2009 #14
I get good reception on all sky programmes + channel 5 in Krakow using a 1 metre dish. BBC and ITV have been moved to a satellite with much smaller footprint and I understand you would need a 2 metre + dish to receive these stations. Sky dish suitable for UK will be useless over here but decoder will work as long as you maintain a UK address
23 Jan 2009 #15
yeh why did channel 4 just stop working? Channel 4 +1 was active for another few days then that was axed.

They've moved channel 4 & ITV to another satellite (or something) so you have to tune in to them manually - the bonus being that you can now get ITV with a standard dish. If you look at the forums on you'll see which frequencies you need to tune it to.
23 Jan 2009 #16
Personally I'm in the process of getting broaderband internet sorted out and will then use the PC to watch BBC and ITV (and C4) and the dish to watch everything else.

Harry if you PM me I can help you out on that one :)
30 Dec 2009 #17
guys what do nyou mean by saying - maintain the uk address. I have moved from uk but i am still paying sky monthly through the uk bank account.

is that enough to watch sky in poland?

plz help
Avalon 4 | 1,067
31 Dec 2009 #18

Yes, you can do it this way but you cannot connect your phone line to the box as they will know you are out of the country and the other problem will be if they change the viewing card for your box, they will send it to your last address.
jonni 16 | 2,481
31 Dec 2009 #19

This is right.

There is a post elsewhere on this forum which explains how to get British TV through the internet. It gives three options, the hardest of which works.

Worth mentioning that the two more convenient options no longer work due to being a legal grey area and being spread around on forums like this. There is also an option called FilmOn (google it) which sometimes works well and sometimes doesn't.
Wroclaw Boy
31 Dec 2009 #20
I havent paid a sky subscription for four years and i still get plenty of channels although i must admit they are slowly dissapearing. Lost channel 5 a few months ago but i still have 5 USA and fiver, theyll be the nest to go i think as a big blue sign comes up every 10 minutes saying you will soon loose viewing on this channel.

BBC news 24 has the RED button which is fantastic for sport most BBC sport is streamed there.
Avalon 4 | 1,067
31 Dec 2009 #21
I stumbled across something called "tenchis tv" (google it). It seems to originate from Spanish source but they have loads of TV stations and films in English but with Spanish sub-titles.
bullfrog 6 | 602
31 Dec 2009 #22
You can get SKY with a polish address at the firm below (Satellite Service). But it will cost you extra on top of the normal fee (I pay 240 GBP in addition to the subscription annually for all SKY channels in HD)

Satellite Service
tel. 022-812 75 76
shailca - | 1
22 Mar 2010 #23
David, I have my dish in 28.2 E with Eurobird1 and recive few of sky net channels which are free. The rest are having $ symbol. I am from Krakow and was interested in Indian channels through Sky channels. Is it worth to experiment to bring the card and box from UK and try to have channels. Because if didn;t work then the cost will be waste? Please suggest.

Regards Shailesh
swedgeman - | 1
12 Nov 2010 #24
Word of warning if using they quote installation costs of 160 zlty per hour for first hour then 80zloty per hour after that. However when they came and quoted me for 2 hours they asked for 440 zloty!! I was told it was a special installation such as aligning dish with correct satelitte..? is this not the point of the set up!!!!. Anyway i made a few enquiries and another company quoted set up/installation for 200 zloty all in.
Wayman 3 | 36
13 Nov 2010 #25
If anyone could PM me any details or recommendations of a dish installer in Krakow came across this dish' cheap as chips ' not certain it would work so any advice is a must ' 100 ponds for a 180 dish

Could anyone give me any advice on a fitter i would like to watch sky in krakow have a UK account set up '

Another thing i looked into was the Cable u need it appears it can be quite costly '

Kabel Digiality Cu PE czarny 1m cena : 3.50 PLN thats not cheap

So how about SLX PF100 Digital TV/Satellite Cable Black 100 mtrs Only £51.28 as i have to mount mine on the roof cable will not be cheap .
Mark76 - | 20
14 Nov 2010 #26
Cosmos and all,

ITV (think south yorkshire) C4 and C4+1 broadcast on ASTRA C and B. You will need to get the settings and access them through 'other channels' and not the EPG. Try this link and also google for the settings cause I dont have them on me. But I do watch ITV and Channel 4 on a standard 80cm dish (not a 3m job!) when I am in poland

http: //
ven der 5 | 8
16 Nov 2010 #27
Merged thread:

hello everybody its my first commen here , i have a questions about canals is`t possible to watch skysport in poland?
Wayman 3 | 36
16 Nov 2010 #28
From what i gather it is possible ' there are a few posts on the forum

English SKY satellite decoder and dish.

and there are some more posts about watching BBC etc etc .....

hope it helps
ven der 5 | 8
16 Nov 2010 #29
if you have dreambox you can use the charing software for free but its unlegal you can watch skyport in hotbird or novasport in hallas or canal + nl in urebird I think,
adamm19830 10 | 43
1 Jul 2016 #30
Merged: UK Sky TV in Poland

Hi there,

I am moving to Poland (Lublin) very soon and I would like to setup UK Sky TV.

I'm unsure how to go about doing this. Any recommendations?

I found one company to do it all but is was extremely expensive.


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