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PLEXIT -The great British exodus (Brits in Poland returning home)

25 Nov 2016 #31
We then it's nothing but good news for Poland.
Excellent news isn't it !!.

Thank goodness for Brexit, you should give the Brexiters 3 cheers since it's a plus for Poland and stop with all your whining.
OP tellthetruth
25 Nov 2016 #32
TicTacToe, as far as I am concerned if Polish immigrants decide to go back to PL, its freedom of movement, I would much prefer it was the ' grunts' who commit petty crime, live rough, sell drugs and drink alcohol in our parks, we don't need this feral culture, we have enough of our own as seen by the vicious attack on two officers of the community by 30 feral types, Lewisham is exactly the type of area which could be gentrified. The problem with society in the Europe today is the youth have no respect, bring back the 'birch; if it works in Singapore as a deterrent- not... I am sure the PC crowd will be up in arms at this suggestion - I mean who would want the uneducated classes to be taught responsibility and respect...
25 Nov 2016 #33
Most if not all of those that attacked the Police were teenagers, mainly black. Black Lives Matter remember, expect not when you are black.

I agree that we have a big problem with lack of respect amongst the youth brought on by the left, but that depends on where you live too, London is a feral city and I certainly wouldn't lower myself to live there.

Polish immigrants in the UK commit crime too actually, I know I worked in a court. Just like the English, Welsh, Scots and Irish do.

Lots of young people have respect , lots of native folk work hard and lots of Poles do, black and Indians too. I've met many crooked people form all over the world regardless of there country of origin, and yes I agree we don't want scum here, neither native or immigrant.

I don't believe education makes you a better man, it just educates you in your chosen subject.

The man who built The Range stores up from nothing could not read or write yet became a billionaire employing thousands, yet they are many PhD holders who are criminals.
OP tellthetruth
25 Nov 2016 #34
I would not class London as a feral city, there are parts of London which are inner city wastelands... As for Africans I have been involved in the African community, many are good law abiding city, who want to work and improve themselves, unfortunately there is tendency for young blacks to want ' fast money' they want the bling and the lifestyle now and are not prepared to work hard at it. One of the things I respect about Poland is that the Police will go hard if you push them, London needs a Rudy Giuliani type of mayor to clean up the streets. Its a novelty to have London's first Muslim mayor and hopefully Khan can be inclusive and get things moving forward, we need a much hard liner to control the streets and make them safe. God forbid London goes the same way as Paris.
OP tellthetruth
25 Nov 2016 #35
Many academics believe that, in another 10 years, the Polish community in the UK will be totally assimilated. Dustmann, who has spent the past 13 years explaining his prediction, says: "Overall migrants from Poland are very well educated, young, and have a high labour-force attachment. They easily assimilate and will be indistinguishable in the next generation.
26 Nov 2016 #36
The Guardian !! Lol..... find another reference and I will take a bit of notice.
Ironside 49 | 10,346
26 Nov 2016 #37
in another 10 years

They easily assimilate and will be indistinguishable in the next generation.

That is a contradictory statement. A Next generation is more like 25 years. Yeah, in 25 years Poles will be indistinguishable, except for their names that is.

That doesn't mean that some tic tack would go on grumbling about Poles for another 250 years in that tribal manner that some not so bright peeps think makes them great.

Hopefully Brexit will happen and many Poles will leave and some might even go back to Poland. Those people that won't came back are a great loss for Poland in the long run. (well , 98% of them)
OP tellthetruth
26 Nov 2016 #38
TicTacToe, the EU will try every trick in the book to keep the UK part of the system, even offering UK residents a buy in option to remain a EU resident. I would also like to ask why you suggest the vast majority of PHD's in the UK are middle class. The vast majority of PHD's go into research, so I understand you are suggesting academia and research go to the highest bidder irrespective of the facts.

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