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Medical tourism Poland... Brit abroad

munroe 1 | 3
28 Sep 2012 #1
im looking for help, suggestions regarding medical treatment in Poland...

my father has a problem - he has some sort of arthritis of the neck , can still move his neck , but suffers really bad headaches every day - UK nhs doesn't seem to be helping him - apart from giving him a load of morphine/pain killers ...

seems to be waiting weeks for an appointment/ full assessment with a consultant - in the meantime his gp is doing the best he can.

hes been the way he has now for some 5 months , everyday with these awful headaches , id like to do something for him - but asides from a trip harley st i really dont know where to find a private uk doctor- one that will actually do something ...

my polish partner tells me health care is good in Poland , polish friends of mine always seem to prefer to be treated back in Poland , and im told if you pay for treatment/help - you can generally get seen quite quickly in Poland - and be treated very short things get done.

i occasionally travel to Lodz, and although never having visited an hospital/ doctor there - im keen to see if the above holds true

are there any Brits in Poland , on polishforums , that can compare the nhs ... and treatment (admittedly private) in Poland ... Lodz ?
delphiandomine 88 | 18,331
28 Sep 2012 #2
Can't compare - private consultants are cheap, and even if you factor in getting a translator for the appointment, the price and speed of access will blow you away. You're essentially looking at paying the same number in zloty as you do in pounds - so up to 5 times cheaper. I was paying 90zl for an appointment with a stomach consultant - and appointments were very easy to get.

If you want, I could arrange something for you here in Poznan? Don't like to hear of anyone suffering :(

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