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Marriage in Sweden, divorce in Poland (applying from Ireland?)

Atch 14 | 2,241    
27 Sep 2016  #31

Pakistan does have some kind of civil wedding system and also a requirement to register marriages but it also recognises unregistered religious ceremonies (Islamic ones anyway) as valid marriages so even if he had a religious ceremony, he is married under Pakistani law and therefore he was not free to contract a marriage in Ireland. So, if you could obtain some proof, you would have a chance of getting the Irish marriage declared void.

Would any of his friends know the name of the wife or any other details that they'd be prepared to give you? If there's a child the birth would surely have been registered. What city is he from? How old would the child be? If you're really determined, you could start to piece together some information and then go to a solicitor and see what the chances are. In the meantime you could get the forms for voiding a marriage from the courts and see what information you need to provide.

It might be a good idea to put the fear of God in him by bluffing that you have 'certain proof' which you have obtained and that he has a choice to agree to divorce in Poland or you will take steps to apply to the Irish courts for a voiding of the marriage on grounds of fraud and bigamy. You might be able to get a solicitor to write him a threatening letter to that effect. It may do the trick in getting him to agree to a Polish divorce. I'm just wondering do you think he's holding out because he wants you to pay him off? If either of you is earning good money he may think there's a cash bonus in this situation. Actually I'm sure that if you could afford it a good international private detective agency would be able to pull up a fair bit of information on his background including routing out the wife and child.

Sikander 1 | 10    
27 Sep 2016  #32

Only reason he is not getting ready for divorce because he has got a resident permit through this marriage. I think she can say this in court to void this marriage because it was a sham marriage.

What you guys think its a good ground?
Atch 14 | 2,241    
27 Sep 2016  #33

Well she needs to be careful because she doesn't want to leave herself open to prosecution if the court decides that she knowingly participated in a sham marriage. You have good grounds if she states that she entered into the marriage believing it be genuine and later discovered that it was fraudulent on his part and only done to obtain a residence permit. Under no circumstances should she say that she married him in order to help him get such a permit as that's an offence.

I think that at this stage your best bet is to lay all the facts before an Irish solicitor and get their view on whether you have a case for getting the marriage declared void under Irish law. Was he trying to get a residence permit for Ireland or Poland?
Sikander 1 | 10    
27 Sep 2016  #34

It was an irish resident permit.
But she never knew it was a sham marriage he make her believed that he loves her but later she found out it was all his plan.
Atch 14 | 2,241    
27 Sep 2016  #35

Ok, well the Irish courts will not look at all favourably on a Pakistani man behaving in that manner. I think they'll be sympathetic to your girlfriend and she may not need any substantial documentary evidence or proof that he defrauded her in the form of the wife in Pakistan etc. The court can decare the marriage void if they are satisfied that the guy's intention was merely to ge the residence permit even without the wifey in the picture. It's definitely worth talking to a solicitor. Just get a consultation and then proceed on your own if you can't afford to have a solicitor represent you. The Irish courts are easy enough to navigate and not too intimidating. You could go to FLAC for some initial advice. They might be able to put you in touch with a specialist in this area:

Try this solicitor:
Sikander 1 | 10    
27 Sep 2016  #36

Thanks for all your help
Atch 14 | 2,241    
27 Sep 2016  #37

Sikander I edited my last post, so don't know if you saw the link:

You're welcome by the way. Hope it works out for you both. Will you update us?
Sikander 1 | 10    
27 Sep 2016  #38

Yes i will be updating here everything.
Atch 14 | 2,241    
27 Sep 2016  #39

Good man!
Smith_221 1 | 3    
9 Jan 2017  #40

Hi , can anybody give me proper contact for a lawyer who is in Ireland and he can get my girlfriend divorce in her own country wich is poland... she got marrid in Ireland 3 years ago and she is separated nearly 2 years now... thank you

What do you think isit possible? Thanx

Did you get your case done in Ireland or poland thanx

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