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How long does it take the package travel from UK to Poland

4 Feb 2016 #1
I have bought bunch of plants in UK. They were able to send only via royal mail. Today is 9days of waiting for package. how long does it take package to come from UK to Poland Katowice. I was told by nursery they the package to Poland usually takes longer than to other countries of Europe. Also what is the chance that the package was stolen or lost. For any advice greatly appreciated
Atch 20 | 4,152
4 Feb 2016 #2
Is it Royal Mail 'tracked'? If so you should have a tracking number and you can check its whereabouts on their website. I've had stuff sent to me through Royal Mail a few times and they used a courier at the Polish end, not Poczta Polska. Generally takes about a week.
27 Jul 2016 #3
How about bigger packages like bike? Will Royal Mail or Poczta handle the task? I have zero experiance with shipping overseas
27 Jul 2016 #4
I presonally avoid shipping through Poczta Polska. I usually send packages by searching them at to be sure the parcel will arrive in one piece and in a reasonable time. The cost's are usually lower too. Things like bike's and furnitures aren't a problem
Golden truth
31 Jul 2016 #5
I use DPD it takes 3 working days. ..good luck
kpc21 1 | 753
31 Jul 2016 #6
Well... the post is always slow. I have sent twice a letter between Germany and Poland, and it took around a month, even though they were sent by priority mail. By the way, according to the tracking services, it took much longer in Germany than in Poland (it waited a few weeks on the Frankfurt airport).

Poczta Polska is not that slow with international shipping, the posts of other countries happen to be slower.

You should have a tracking number for your package, then you can check either on the website of Royal Mail (if it's still in the UK), or here:

(if it's already in Poland) where it actually is.

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