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Electrical equipment from UK to Poland question

lonpol 7 | 69
10 Oct 2018 #1
If I buy an outdoor wall light in the UK can I have an electrician fit it for me in Poland?
johnny reb 30 | 5,194
10 Oct 2018 #3
Do it yourself.
You can get all the information on how to do it right off the internet.
Turn off the current.
Tap into an existing outlet box and connect the new wire to the new light. (Screwdriver required)
Run the new wire from there up the wall and outside to a junction box with a switch on an all weather box so you can turn your light off and on outside.

From the junction box run another wire to the outlet box you have mounted for the light itself.
Mount and connect the all weather light into that box.
Make sure the circuit is grounded.
Very simple and should take no more then a Saturday afternoon and six beers to complete.

Home / UK, Ireland / Electrical equipment from UK to Poland question
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