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EEA family permit from Poland to UK - time and process

dr_rabbit 5 | 90
19 Sep 2010 #31

It doesn't sound like you should have any problems. I can't remember the exact details of the process, but I looked it up when I was thinking of going to the UK with my Polish sweetheart. You should call and/or go to see the UK embassy in Warsaw

Basically, as a wife of a Polish citizen, your right to go to the UK is guaranteed as one of the Four Freedoms of the European Union. There is a process to go through, but just follow it carefully and you shouldn't have any problems. The UK embassy should be helpful with that.

Good luck
paulinska 9 | 86
19 Sep 2010 #32
Kleana, there's a few things you need to do abt the EEA Family permit.
You'll have to apply for an Entry clearance visa (EEA Family Permit) at the UK embassy in Warsaw. This one just allows you to enter the UK - to join your husband as a Non-EEA family member of a EEA member. And yes, as you can see on the application form, your husband must have the following documents

1. Firstly, registered on the (Worker Registration Scheme)WRS as this is the only piece of document that binds him to exercising his rights to stay in the UK as an EEA member. Registering on this scheme takes between 4-6 weeks before he gets his certificate.

The Interpretation of the law is; for you to join your husband, he must be exercising his rights to live and work in the UK as an EEA member and since he's Polish, the only way for him to exercise this right is to register for the WRS.

2. NI is not that important because that takes longer sometimes. He has to attend interviews at the Job center and all that. Yes, it's required but if he doesn't have it by the time you want to travel, i doubt that will be such an issue.

3. Employment - Your husband will have to prove that he works in the UK. you'll need his employer's details i.e address and contact details. You'll also need his employment details i.e employment contracts, payslips, hours worked per week and also terms of employment. Btw - you need to provide all these documents as evidence to support your application. Originals preferrably.

4. Accomodation, Yes, your husband must have a known address in the UK. you will need the address details and the Landlord details. Most importantly you MUST have the rental contract. With this contract, it's an assurance that you have an permanent address in the UK.

5. Other documents to support your application.
a. Financial documents(you & your husbands bank staements), whilst they are desirable to have, they're definitely NOT essential. Like i said earlier, your husband, an EEA member has rights to live and work in the UK, so financial guarantee is not a prerequisite!

b. Your relationship to the EEA member. this is as Important as anything really. you'll have to prove that your marriage is genuine hence your marriage certificate should be available. Be ready to answer some personal questions if needed.

c. Yes, you'll need photocopies of your husband's identity documents.

With all these documents, you should be able to get your visa no problems but we all know visa's are dealt with on individual basis and that unfortunately brings uncertainity. Good Luck with your application.
scotman - | 2
10 Nov 2010 #33
Hija! Did you get you EEA family permit allready??
23 Mar 2011 #34
I am South African married to a EEA national ( Polish ) we are living in Poland

Hitman04's wife is clearly an EEA national and can therefore come to the UK to look for work. There is unlikely to be any checks at the airport.

Once in the UK, she has six months to begin to exercise treaty rights i.e find a job (or evidence that actively trying).

Hitman04's wife will need to register as an A8 national as she is Polish.

If Hitman is a Polish citizen he can enter on the same terms as his wife i.e to look for work.

If he is a resident and not a citizen, he will need the EEA family permit. He can apply on the basis that his wife is coming to look for work and he qualifies as a family member who has lived with her in Poland and will be doing so in the UK. Clearly as his wife is going to be looking for work, they need to show that they have sufficient funds to live while she they seek employment.

If they do not have the funds, best for her to enter prior to Hitman04 and for Hitman04 to follow once she has found employment. At this point provided that the marriage is genuine, there is evidence that you are married and have been living together, Hitman will be entitled to the family pemit. Once Hitman04 is in the UK, he will need to apply for a residence permit. He can start working as soon as he enters the UK.

Re some of the comments - it is immaterial that a 'British' person's spouse was turned down for an EEA fam permit....the 'British' person's spouse will not qualify to apply under EEA law, therefore must apply under national law.

SAY NO TO RACISM - we are all human, blood, sweat and tears etc...does it matter than some of us is pigment deficient and vice versa - it is sad that some people still think the colour of their skin or the country in which they were born makes them superior, GET OVER YOURSELVES.
14 May 2011 #35
Keep on man, it happened to my friend and he is now back to the UK. However, he got married to UK citizen and he was a member of EEA before applying for Family permit.

Easy man, its gonna be alright. it happened to my friend and he is now here in the uk, but i got married to uk citizen and before then he living in EEA. I dont know what your situation will result to.
19 Jul 2011 #36
i assume you do not have any legal knowledge and taking purely from your own assessment of the fact otherwise arguably, you wouldn't talk this rubbish.i understand the motive behind this marriage and so do you.but no one gives a damn what u and i order to prove a marriage sham, you need evidence. i suggest you should read Directive 2004/38, EEA regulation 2006 and the ECJ judgement on metock case. then you will understand how stupid you are by writing something that you have no knowledge of.

this Paul Morgan, barrister at law, city university london
stay_sharp - | 1
29 Sep 2011 #37
I'm Algerien. My wife is Polish. We living in Poland

it will be more helpful if u can provide more details like is ur wife already in UK or both of you are planning to travel together are you both working etc ...
leximperfecta - | 1
29 Sep 2011 #38
you can ask it to the Polish consulate in your country
PWEI 3 | 612
12 Oct 2011 #39
my husband is pakistani and i am lithuanian..

You need to contact the British embassy in Vilnius.
28 Oct 2011 #40
Merged: EEA family permit. Do I need Poland residency card?

Hi ,

I am a Canadian citizen and I'll be marrying in Poland early next year, to my Polish fiancée..

I will need to apply afterwards for the EEA family permit in order to move to the UK where my (future) wife has a job contract.

My only question is Do I need to have a Polish residency card in order to apply for the EEA entry cleareance in Poland..?

Any info will be welcome.

786LawAssociats - | 2
20 Nov 2011 #41
You do not need a Polish residency card in order to apply EEA family permit
nareshnayi - | 1
27 May 2013 #42
i am Indian And i am married to Polish citizen from 2 years , i am in Poland now , i got 2 years residence card ,and if i want to go visit to UK,

how can i go to UK?
what type of document do i need?
Please reply me as soon as possible ,
thank you
delphiandomine 85 | 18,254
27 May 2013 #43
and if i want to go visit to uk,

You mean "Want to go stay in UK", don't you?
19 Nov 2013 #44
Merged:Where and how to get married in Poland? Visa and family permit questions.


I'm sure this question comes up all the time so I'm sorry if I'm repeating something that has already been discussed. I'm Polish and live in the UK my fiancé is American. He is finishing university and we are planning to get married and settle down in London. Im guessing before he comes to marry in the UK he first needs to obtain a visa? I understand there are different ways of going about it and with him graduating now staying out of work because of long processing times can ruin his career.

Could you please advice what's the smoothest way of obtaining EEA family permit?

We thought of few ways:

1. Marrying in the Polish embassy (not to be obliged to file for visa to marry in the UK) and him applying for schengen visa in Philly and then for EEA family permit with British embassy over there. Or EEA family permit without doing the schengen visa first.

2. Applying for visitors for marriage visa and getting married in England to then file for EEA family permit in the US

3. Getting married in Poland (entering UK without a visa) and applying for permits in the US

The only reason we think of apply for UK permit outside of Great Britain is just that the processing times here are much longer. To get a Polish/Schengen visa apparently takes few days with one of those fast track services.

I know it sounds far from romantic but we both work in finance and the longer the gaps between employment the harder it gets to find a new job. And if we have to compromise our careers then we might have to be patient and come up with another solution.

Thank you for your help!
dont gay me yo
19 Nov 2013 #45
3. Getting married in Poland (entering UK without a visa) and applying for permits in the US

forget it they will ask for a paper from states that you were never married before and i even wonder if there is one that exists in states and where to get from,i dont know about the UK.
Monitor 14 | 1,820
19 Nov 2013 #46
Make civil marriage in UK, so your husband can get Visa. Invite there your friends from UK only. Then make later church marriage in Poland, as according to Polish tradition it should be in bride place. Invite there just parents of groom and your family. Later do reception in USA, so you can meet your new American family.
mcm1 2 | 81
19 Nov 2013 #47
He needs to return home and apply for the relevant Visa from the U.S.
23 Nov 2013 #48
hello im Jenny i already live here in husband is Polish but he stay now in we plan to apply family permit.i just want to know what exactly the most important documents we must to submit.i read of some document i really don't understand.And that is A letter from the EEA national showing that i will be travelling with my husband or joining him to UK.Please help me,what letter is that how to make.

thank you so much,
13 Feb 2015 #49
Hi maybe somebody can help me with regards to this, I am an Indian married to a eea national ( polish ) we are living in UK at present and i want to travel to Poland,

1. do i still need a visa
2. Will i get visa on arrival
Please advise.
Looker - | 1,052
13 Feb 2015 #50
Yes, you still need visa to enter Poland, EEA permit works only in the UK. You need a national (type D) visa or schengen visa. You won't get it upon arrival - you have to visit Polish consul in UK to apply for the visa.
14 Feb 2015 #51
Wrong. EU Directive 38/2004 makes it clear that a visa is not required and Poland respects this.
23 Feb 2015 #52
Hello everyone
I'm Albanian and I live in Poland. I got married 18 months ago with Polish. Unfortunately it's hard for me to get a job here so we decide to move to Uk.

We are searching everyday here online to find out which it's the best way to go there, and the solution it's EEA Family Permit.

But before we apply for that we need some help.
Which is the best way before applying?
How long does last?

King regards
Razi - | 6
26 Feb 2015 #53
Merged: Recommendations for a Warsaw lawyer who can help with EEA family permit

i am non EU married with polish citizen gonna apply for EEA family permit is there any lawyer is Warszawa who can help to apply this!
Monitor 14 | 1,820
26 Feb 2015 #54
Maybe they know somebody or can help for free.
Razi - | 6
27 Feb 2015 #55
Merged: EEA family permit

hello to everyone here ..i gonna apply for EEA family question is what is more important documents required ? and if what can do if i don't have any address in UK..What cab do about this!! Regards!!
sunny5555 - | 1
6 Jun 2018 #56

EEA family permit from Warsaw

Hi all!

I am a Belarussian national, my wife holds dual Polish and Belarussian nationality. I've applied for EEA family permit from Warsaw, its been 2 weeks already and no reply or email has been received so far! There isn't much information on home office site about visa processing time in Warsaw (Warsaw not on the list). Are there people on this forum who have applied from Warsaw please share your experience!! In addition, I haven't submitted original ID or passport of my wife but just photocopies, however, marriage certificate and our children birth certificates were submitted accordingly...any advice will be appreciated.


sharemoments 1 | 4
27 Mar 2019 #57

EEA family permit for extended family member for NON-EU

I am Residing in Poland with my Wife and 9 years old Son. We are Indian Citizens.
Our situation is like I and my Son hold a Residence Permit(Karta Pobytu) still more than one year valid in Poland and My wife don't have residence permit as her application is still in processing. Is it Possible for us to Travel UK based on (EEA) family permit as my Brother is British national and lives in UK with his Family.

Thanks in advance for all advices.
Respect - | 18
31 Mar 2019 #58
Copy and paste and I believe your problem will be solved based on your

Good luck!
sharemoments 1 | 4
31 Mar 2019 #59
Seems it is not possible to go in EEA family permit route. Thanks for the information.

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