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Delivering homemade wine (75cl bottle) from UK to Poland - best option?

OwCr 3 | 15
19 Feb 2018 #1
Hi everyone.

Last year I made my own red wine (about 12%) and which I want to share a 75cl bottle of it with my friend in Poland when I go to see her in a couple of months time.

Are there any restrictions on using a courier / delivery service when shipping alcohol, or it is flat-out illegal? What is the best solution to do this?

Ideally I would like to deliver my bottle to the guest apartment I will be staying at.

jon357 74 | 22,287
19 Feb 2018 #2
Many/most couriers won't (no duty has been paid on the wine). Why not bring it with you? Still iffy, but cuts out the problem with couriers.
OP OwCr 3 | 15
19 Feb 2018 #3
Checked baggage would obviously allow it, but I'm not taking checked baggage on this particular trip ... just cabin baggage. I don't wish to mess about with my current flight booking, especially that it's Ryanair as well. ;P

So, I guess it's not possible then. Ah well, no harm done - it isn't extremely important.
O WELL 1 | 156
19 Feb 2018 #4
What about age restriction laws on alcohol in Poland?How will they be enforced if someone I think under the age of 18(not 21 in Poland) gets the delivery?

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