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Cost of transferring items UK - Poland?

Nightglade 7 | 97
25 Sep 2010 #1
Hi there. Apologies if this is in the wrong section, really couldn't figure out where to place it!

Anyway, I'm currently living in Brighton, UK but I am moving to Poznań on october 5th with my partner who owns a flat there. I will be looking for work immediately in the language / teaching sector, so until then money will be a little tight - but I am bringing some funds to tie things over for some months.

I'm curious to know what kind of price I'd be looking at to have a few items shipped over. I'm thinking of taking the graphics card, hard drives and motherboard from my PC with me (HD's in carry-on bag, and the rest packed securely in checked-in luggage). But when in Poznań I will need a monitor, a case and a power-supply. Do you think it would be cheaper to have my monitor and case shipped, or just buy new ones out there? Also, how much do you think the cost would be individually for a 19" flat screen monitor? Also I've a few uni books I wouldn't mind having sent over, but I guess that's not so important. ANd does anyone have any experience with some nice couriers?

Best regards
delphiandomine 88 | 18,177
26 Sep 2010 #2
I can't give you exact prices, but I can thoroughly recommend this guy at - - several expats here have had positive experiences with him, and I really cannot recommend him enough.

And there's a thread somewhere on here as well that talks about him - he's a great guy.

By the way, when you come here, give me a shout - I'll introduce you to a few English speakers/expats to get your feet on the ground quickly!
Ajb 6 | 232
26 Sep 2010 #3
but I can thoroughly recommend this guy

Me also, top bloke! Unfortunately he hasn't had chance to go the UK recently, I'm waiting for him to go and pick up, hopefully soon :)

Best thing is to get a Polish friend to give him a call... that is if you don't speak Polish :)

Recently i got myself a 22in monitor for my PC and it cost about 550zl so 120 pounds, you cant a good monitor for under 500 i don't think!

Good luck in Poznan is a beautiful place and the ex-pat's are fantastic including Delp :)
OP Nightglade 7 | 97
26 Sep 2010 #4
Thankyou for the replies. The guy sounds great but probably not what I'm looking for, it seems like quite an effort just for a 19" monitor. I would have thought there'd be some kind of way of shipping this, maybe I can look on ebay for people selling monitors who ship to continental europe and badger some of them for advice on couriers?

Anyway, will be happy to give you a yell when I'm all settled in, will be nice to know people who have undergone the same or similar :)

Best regards
Wroclaw Boy
26 Sep 2010 #5
The guy sounds great but probably not what I'm looking for, it seems like quite an effort just for a 19" monitor.

Sounds like you simply need the post office, should be around £25 i would have thought.
rt3d 10 | 46
28 Sep 2010 #7
Just get a single coach ticket from london vic to Poznan, with your pc and monitor locked in a suitcase for a 70 pound they would not charge you extra for wight..

but if you check it in on a flight you will be charged for the wight

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