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UK car in Poland

kwazulu 1 | 1
13 Sep 2019 #1
It seems very hard and expensive to convert a UK RHD car so I can drive it here. Has anybody managed to get the MOT equivalent? Or found an insurer who doesn't charge huge amounts? I was quoted over 5000 zloty. I was wondering if there's any site where people swap RHD for LHD and vice versa - maybe for people returning home

cinek 2 | 346
13 Sep 2019 #2
swap RHD for LHD

Why just not sell it in UK and buy proper car in pl ?

Jardinero 1 | 405
13 Sep 2019 #3
I believe the rules have changed some time ago and you do not need to physically swap the steering wheel any longer - but some amendments to the headlights and side mirrors must be made, maybe a bit more, and you can register the car in PL - search the forums, there were posts about it in the past...
OP kwazulu 1 | 1
14 Sep 2019 #4
Thanks Jardinero. The headlights and maybe the mirrors, yes (apparently there are two types, 0 and 1. 0 doesn't need to be changed, 1 /might/. Mine's a 1). It's a 2004 Subaru Forester XT that I've spent a lot of money on over the last couple of years. I've now found the parts I need but it's the insurance that's a *****. I read that UK no claims bonus can be transferred here. The agents that I've spoken to disagree...

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