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Buying a car in Poland from UK

4 Apr 2018 #1
Hi All,

I have found a car on OLX site located in Poland Lodzkie. I really like this car and I have spoken to the owner who seems honest.

But I want to be cautious when buying and go through all of the relevant checks to ensure there is nothing wrong with the car and it is not a scam.

Can someone advise me if there is a MOT or Vehicle Inspection History available online?
What paperwork do I need and what is the process of bringing the car to the UK?

Any advice would be welcome.
4 Apr 2018 #2
I have spoken to the owner who seems honest.

He might be but he is trying to sell the car and is hardly going to give you a list of things that might be wrong with it.

Personally I wouldn't do it. If there is anything major wrong with it you will have no come back at all. Plus I can't understand why you would want to go to all the trouble of buying in Poland and bringing it back to the UK? I doubt very much that there is an online MOT/vehicle Inspection history , and I don't know if the Polish 'MOT' would correspond to the UK one either. Presume it is also a LHD car?
Richthecat 8 | 69
4 Apr 2018 #3
There is a polish equivalent of an MOT but it is very different and allot easier to pass one thing they do not check is emissions here and this is what most older cars will fail on in the UK. The guy could be honest but as was said above he could not be. I would see if you can get it checked out by a mechanic first worth the flight over to stop you losing money.

When you buy the car it will have documents a id document which is a small piece of paper and a thing that looks like an eu passport you must have both plus they will fill in a contract of sale.

My advice is to not do it but if you are going to take a flight and have a look.

Do you know any polish people nearby

If you want PM me the link and I will do some digging and give you some more advice
peterweg 37 | 2,311
4 Apr 2018 #4
Will LHD cars every become legal in Poland when the UK leaves the EU? I doubt it.
Atch 23 | 4,057
4 Apr 2018 #5
Don't you mean right-hand drives? A left-hand drive is a car with the driver's side on the left which is what you have in mainland Europe.
Joker 2 | 2,598
4 Apr 2018 #6
Don't you mean right-hand drives?

I drove a right handed car from Shannon to Waterford once.

It was the first and last time they let me drive their right handed car. lol
Atch 23 | 4,057
4 Apr 2018 #7
Why? What did you do that was so terrible??
OP Billym346
4 Apr 2018 #8
Thanks for the advice. The car is a highly sought after classic not available or very expensive in the UK. It works out a good price from Poland hence I am looking at it there otherwise I would never go through the hassle. Would really appreciate your help. How can I PM you?
Richthecat 8 | 69
4 Apr 2018 #9
Would really appreciate your help. How can I PM you?

clik on my name in blue and there is a PM button next to my name
Richthecat 8 | 69
4 Apr 2018 #10
by any chance is it the english jag?
Atch 23 | 4,057
5 Apr 2018 #11
@Billym346, it's madness to buy an old classic car without seeing it and taking it for a test drive, especially from a foreign country. It's very easy to fake a full service history. They guy can just go to a mechanic and offer him a backhander for invoices/receipts etc.

is it the english jag?

Am baffled as to why anybody would buy a Jag from Poland when they actually live in England. However if it was originally registered in the UK, the OP may be able to do at least a partial check on it, in terms of how many owners etc.

Just a word of warning Billy, a few years back, in Ireland, my husband was looking at a low mileage VW Beetle. He did the vehicle history search which we have, same as UK and lo and behold, it had had nine previous owners!! It was low mileage because nobody kept it for more than a few months - alarm bells.
5 Apr 2018 #12
Billym346, it's madness to buy an old classic car

Stupid woman,thats why people buy classic cars.Its for collection not for regular use.IDIOT,poking nose in everyones ass like usual.Get a life and kids if you can have any.
Ziemowit 14 | 4,278
5 Apr 2018 #13
How dare you call one of the cleverest woman here 'stupid woman', you fool !?
Atch 23 | 4,057
5 Apr 2018 #14
Stupid woman,thats why people buy classic cars.Its for collection not for regular use.

You're clearly neither a classic car owner nor a collector of anything of value, either monetary or aesthetic.

Those who own classic cars DRIVE them. Some people even drive them every day, as you would know if you'd ever lived in the UK where there are numerous old Morris Minors and Volvo 244 series, for example, still on the road and in regular use. There are people who intentionally buy classic cars which are not road-worthy with the intention of restoring them. However in general people who buy a car that's over twenty years old, still expect to be able to drive it, it's not just for looking at. How old are you? Twelve??

one of the cleverest woman here

Surely THE cleverest?? And not merely here, but in the entire world :D
Richthecat 8 | 69
5 Apr 2018 #15
If it is the Jag which is the only one that makes sense buying so I presume it is, The guy selling it seems on the level he runs a business selling rocks and sand which has been trading for 11 years. The location corresponds to where the car is advertised and the business seems to be in good standing. The car is still on Uk plates and I would imagine he has never registered it here otherwise it would have Polish plates so you should get a jolly old V5 which will make it easier to check. The car is not MOt'd and the last one was in 2009. There was a failed one in 2007 for rust which would be my major worry with this car looking at the photos but the fact that it passed in 2009 means this has been seen to but to what extent would be the question. Also, it is untaxed and not SORN so you would need to see if you would be liable for the back Taxes and stuff. These cars range in these UK from 6K to 30K so at just over 6k it could be a good deal but you have to factor about 1700 pounds to ship it to the UK. The condition here is key as this will determine its ultimate value so as I said before a flight and an inspection is a must as it could be a great car or a money pit dependant on the extent of the rust and the condition of the body.

Don't know if this helps could be a completely different car but ht me up if you need more info
5 Apr 2018 #16
How can I PM you?

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