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UK Ip address while living in Poland

Macduff 9 | 69
17 Feb 2010 #1
Hey guys I am living in Poland and am looking for a uk IP address so I can see TV programmes such as BBC Iplayer and other sport and news channels on my Lap top. Any one help me with this I did have one for a few weeks but it no longer works
dnz 17 | 710
17 Feb 2010 #2 - you can use a UK server on there, download the software and in the config select a UK server.
teddy wilkin - | 9
17 Feb 2010 #3
I use uk proxy server

which provide UK IP servers.
dnz 17 | 710
17 Feb 2010 #4
Are they free?
TIT 5 | 211
17 Feb 2010 #5
yes, as you see on the website
OP Macduff 9 | 69
19 Feb 2010 #6
I had a look at the website but none are free :(
teddy wilkin - | 9
11 Mar 2010 #7
no they are not free, i pay about a tenner per month but have just discovered PirateBay and UKnova and so am considering a move to torrents
rt3d 10 | 46
29 Apr 2010 #8
Hi Guys

I can provide access to an internet/Cloud shear
folder, that can contain recent BBC IPLAYER shows,
eradicating the need to stream live shows
since i have been living in warsaw for 3.5 years, i have been able to catch up
on British TV..Drop me a PM
Dougpol2 1 | 76
29 Apr 2010 #9
Ahem (Clears throat) I thought everybody knew.

Englishpoznan 4 | 102
29 Apr 2010 #10
I signed up to this:

It costs 10euro a month but you get bbc 1, 2 itv ch4 and loads more and the stream is crystal clear, well worth the money. I have been watching the snooker all week plus various other shows and not had any problems with it. Each channel even has a low speed option if you don't have fast internet.
10 Oct 2011 #11

There are some free solutions but they are noramlly unreliable, complicated or slow. You need a good fast VPN service. Just type speedytv vpn into google
10 Dec 2011 #12
I recommend to get a proper VPN with small monthly fee. You will get fast response and quality of connection.
JonnyM 11 | 2,620
10 Dec 2011 #13
Hidemyass is a good one.
20 Jun 2014 #14
I recommend this is a polish VPN provider

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