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What do Polish people think about Wales and Welsh people?

Daydreamer - | 46    
15 May 2008  #61
LOL welsh men are certainly an acquired taste!
brazilii 8 | 97    
16 May 2008  #62
I love Wales!!! I lived in Llandudno for 6 mth and there I met my lovely polish hubby ;)))) The rain, the smell of coal in the air, sheeps, weird accent, old ladies sitting on benchs at the beach, castles, "croeso" signs... all lovely!!!

My favourite place: Conwy Castle.
Daydreamer - | 46    
16 May 2008  #63
I think the most telling thing about your whole post though Brazilii is that you met your POLISH hubby there lol!

welshguyinpola 23 | 465    
16 May 2008  #64
welsh are a wonderful bunch despite being unable to accept that they are just another english county

Ok enough already, i know wales can never be an independent country but give us some chwarateg (fair play) we are passionate people and we are fiercely proud of being different from the English. We love walking down the streets of England speaking welsh, it gives a sense of pride and waht sets us apart from the rest. Also did you see the Six nations anyone???

the fact that it contributes nothing to the uk, and the accent

Does your racism know no bounds? What a sad, sad life you have, you even criticise your own people who are just as much a part of this tiny island as you are. Maybe you are just bitter cos a Welsh guy did ur mother up the ASS
erialc43 1 | 36    
16 May 2008  #65
We did win the 6 nations, I was there.(for the Italy game)
Has no one heard of the Welsh assembly?
We are slowly running our own country and rejecting Parliament.
We have free prescriptions, once we get free education like Scotland, I'll consider moving back and doing a degree course.
Daydreamer - | 46    
16 May 2008  #66
We already have a grant system which can be extremely helpful when going onto higher education! Things are changing but slowly. However, I do think that when a conservative government comes back in the power of the Welsh assembly will be curtailed.

z_darius 14 | 3,971    
16 May 2008  #67
I can't find anything to dislike about the Welsh.
I like the Welsh band The Budgie. Pretty sparse and simple music. Not sure what the are up to these days but in the 70's they would sound pretty well.
welshguyinpola 23 | 465    
30 Jul 2008  #68
cymru am byth. Just been to a meeting today with welsh ppl who live in Trojmiasto, didn't know there were so many of us
30 Jul 2008  #69
I hate how welsh people copy scottish culture. I have seen welshman in kilts on st davids day, if they are so proud of being welsh why do they wear scottish kilts, skean dubhs, dirks, jacobite coats etc. ?
OP osiol 55 | 3,922    
30 Jul 2008  #70
Kilts and stuff aren't exactly native to parts of Lowland Scotland either. Before the 19th century religious revival, they made whisky in Wales, I believe.
30 Jul 2008  #71
The majority of scots now living in the lowlands came from the highlands. highlanders migrated to the lowlands in the 17th entury right through to the early 20th century, you will find that majority of sots have highland last names ie; Mc, Mac etc.
Hueg - | 320    
30 Jul 2008  #72
It is a shithole

Wow sounds serious Ianto.

I believe Wrexham is worse

Ahh I see I think maybe. :) Is this one of those opinions again? Sorry to ask but it seems that you may be confusing them with facts?

Os as you are one of our PF regulars, Premium no less, and your replies may well be taken literally or at least seriously, may I please ask

Do you have direct knowledge of this?

It's a bit worrying and hoping to sort out the fud from the facts :)

I am Welsh and of course I think we are lovely.

:) You're not alone. Though some days it felt like it. Fond memories from my time your side of the border. Smiling to myself as the croeso i gymru sign flashed past after a long day. Halcyon days. :)
tornado2007 11 | 2,278    
30 Jul 2008  #73
Wales is actually ok, i have been there a lot as i play for a welsh cricket team. The people are on the whole very nice. However Newport, is the ass end of the world, i have never seen a worse place than Newport, pppffff.
OP osiol 55 | 3,922    
30 Jul 2008  #74
your replies may well be taken literally or at least seriously

Sometimes I forget that people do not pick up ironic nuances on here. My family lived in Wrexham before I was born. I once got drunk with a man from Wrexham who had no kind words to say about it. Maybe believing the words of a drunk man is not the best way to form an opinion.

There are parts of Wales I love and will always think of fondly. There are some very nice Welsh people too. This thread was started in reaction to another similarly titled thread about the English or the Polish - I can't entirely remember.

Important annoucement: This post is irony-free. (Probably)
Hueg - | 320    
30 Jul 2008  #75
Sometimes I forget that people do not pick up ironic nuances on here.

Attention where quiet important sounds become louder than the overwhelming everyday noise. How can we forget the ever present cocktail party syndrome and the submariner's daughter telling him life's always better down where it's wetter and so on. :) We know you cannot be serious but we don't want to give others the wrong impression. That was meant to be MacEnroe, you cheeky <expletive deleted> :)

This thread was started in reaction to another similarly titled thread about the English or the Polish

Ah I hadn't noticed that thread, that will teach me to have a sebaceous, ugh, septic uggh sabbatical... Best to steer clear of such craziness is my motto but well we all like Bergerac. :)
welshguyinpola 23 | 465    
30 Jul 2008  #76
We get it tornado. I am from the welsh valleys and we have known tough life there. I have come through all that but I dont appreciate people slagging off Wales until they know who we are.
Grzegorz_ 52 | 6,181    
31 Jul 2008  #77

Isn't Wale a big fish ? I don't get It...
dtaylor 9 | 823    
31 Jul 2008  #78
Almost G,

A Whale is the big fish, Wales is a boring country where they don't like to speak English and love to roam the hills for "fluffy fun" baaaa
1 Aug 2008  #80
wales is actually a county of england. Wales does not have its own legal system etc. It is an extended part of england
Daydreamer - | 46    
1 Aug 2008  #81
...and that is one of the reasons why I don't like the english and england [thinks to herslef] how can I link the above answer to another thread...
OP osiol 55 | 3,922    
1 Aug 2008  #82
the reasons why I don't like the english and england

You can dislike England and the English as much as you like. It won't stop me from liking Wales and Welsh people. How many English people really care about Wales' level of dependence or independence? Although there are so many layers of inconsistency in the constituation of the UK, I believe that a country encompassing all of Britain makes sense. If countries within Britain wish to be independent, I say let them vote on it.

Plenty of us English are at least a little bit Taff!
ShelleyS 14 | 2,897    
1 Aug 2008  #83
love to roam the hills for "fluffy fun" baaaa


Where men are men and sheep are scared :)

I do like Charlotte Church though..Larva bread is rotten and the pubs smell of old mans pants..
Daydreamer - | 46    
1 Aug 2008  #84
Well I was only half joking with my hatred anyway... Larva bread is vile but pumped with iron as a result I have sat through many sessions with my mother standing over me and me trying to consume something that tastes like purified larvae ewww, painful
OP osiol 55 | 3,922    
1 Aug 2008  #85
Notice how the title has now changed.

The hate bit has lost its relevence (taking the micky out of another thread).
There is a corner of my family tree, and a corner of my heart that contains some serious Taffiness.
I hate that Welsh girl who insisted on drinking games a few years back in a pub in Portsmouth.
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,514    
1 Aug 2008  #86
ooh. lets start a discussion about the state of women in portsmouth. im sure beethoven referred to them as the pompey troll. or perhaps it was brahms. or maybe he was just a little liszt. whatever. they are pig ugly
Ajb 6 | 232    
3 Aug 2008  #87
Wales is a boring country where they don't like to speak English

in all fairness ive been in Wales for years and no one speeks welsh, they just hate the english and any other race! damm Welsheys!
welshguyinpola 23 | 465    
3 Aug 2008  #88
Thank you that someone finally noticed that very few ppl in Wales actually spk Welsh. Only 25% of ppl born in Wales are native Welsh speakers, it is an increase on previous years but still its not high. Anyway if a Welsh speaker will not speak English to you it is cos ur an arrogant tw** and they have one up on u. How many English ppl speak more than one language?
Ajb 6 | 232    
3 Aug 2008  #89
a few?, well there is alot of welsh pride in wales but i never really sure why?.... because there good at rugby? hummmmmmmmmmmm i can not moan to much as ive been living in Cardiff for 5 years lol
bluebird - | 36    
19 Oct 2008  #90
Cardiff is a beautiful city and near to some really nice scenery. Much nicer than Bristol.

St. Mary Street on the weekend is like a scene from Dante's Inferno.

Barry and Newport are a bit weird.

The valleys between Cardiff and the Brecon Beacons are full of cannibals and devil worshippers. Avoid, unless you want to be eaten by the undead.

Exhibit A -

Exhibit B -

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