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Are Polish people moving back home from the UK?

cms 9 | 1,255
7 Nov 2016 #61
well 52% thought that - the old, the northerners, the poor, Welsh and the less educated plus a small proportion of idealogues, civil liberties types, a few extreme left.

48% did not think that - Scots, Northern Irish, Londoners, Immigrants, more educated people, young people. Why were they not affected by this self regulating mechanism ? Maybe they think that being in the EU makes them safer, richer and gives them more opportunities.
Ant63 13 | 410
7 Nov 2016 #62
No sorry the vast majority of brexit voters were bafoons.

Reading the comments in the Guardian i'd say the opposite was true.

An education doesn't help if you are stupid to start with.

excuse me?

No need to defend yourself against this reptile Roz.

if the Brexit result could be attributed to the elder or to the less educated

It couldn't.

not the EU

This was a highly significant concern for a high proportion of voters.

People feel that this small island of theirs has too few resources

Is that a round about way of saying that the working class couldn't deal with their incomes dropping by 25%. The lack of jobs for school leavers. Intimidation ... the list goes on.

Ziemowit you are over thinking it. When your home doesn't feel like your own. Its a problem.
Ironside 53 | 12,337
7 Nov 2016 #63
I think we should look at Brexit through its most archetypal message and that message was precisely: "There are too many of us on our small island"

No - "there are too many foreigners in our country".

well 52% thought that - the old, the northerners, the poor, Welsh and the less educated plus a small proportion of idealogues, civil liberties types, a few extreme left.

What with this cataloguing and whatnot. Does it really matter? One vote is one vote. Volé!

the question of immigration, not the EU,

The EU stands for unfettered, uncontrolled immigration. Even thought 75% of immigrants came from outside of the EU and EU law gives some tools to the governments of the member states to control EU immigration to some extend as seen in Germany and France, Austria etc.. PO wasn't the only government that used the EU as an excuse for its policies. lol!

Brexit will bring (hopefully)and end to the EU immigration. It doesn't necessary mean that immigration from outside the EU would stop, or will stop for long. I doubt it.


to be by far the worst we have ever had in this country

Take a good look at yourself, scum.
cms 9 | 1,255
7 Nov 2016 #64
of course one vote is one vote - and the Brits can get on and implement it - that will be extremely difficult since it is not supported by business or really by the government, it will require a lot of unpopular decisions and will possibly lead to the break up of the kingdom but best wishes to them.
Ziemowit 14 | 4,278
7 Nov 2016 #65
Why were they not affected by this self regulating mechanism ?

I didn't say that precisely, but I only meant part of the "small island" which was England and Wales. So both Northen Ireland and Scotland (as well as Gibraltar) were excluded from my reasoning. The "crowded island" theme plus "they are going to outnumber us one day" have been underlying, often subconscious reasons for the Brexit result.

The thinking of the ordinary or common people, so to speak, is what matters most. Neither the British are racist nor they are as innocent as they would like to portray themselves with regard to the "race" (term used in a broader sence than only the colour of the skin ). I remember my short stay in England during which we went to visit the Museum of Royal Worcester. A couple of my British friends who took us there asked the guide to speak more slowly so that I could translate some exerpts to my wife who was the only person in the group who didn't understand English. The lady guide did that, of course, but at the same time she got to know we were Polish. From that moment her aversion to us as Polish people among a British group became so evident that I remember it to this very day equally well as the gorgeous exibits of royal worcester. Not that she was impolite to us, not at all, she was simply displaying this very characteristic British "cold" politeness of which other nations are incapable of.

Maybe she just thought we came to the UK to find a job as she didn't know we were only tourist staying with our (British) friends. If so, I can well understand her aversion to me and my wife. Maybe she also thought we wanted to take her or her cousin's job at the Royal Worcester? Who knows? When I came up to her at the end of the tour which was at a small workshop where people decorated porcelain "live" and told her my mother had been hand-decorating porcelain stuff all her life in Poland, she became as cold as the North Pole, but managed to utter "how nice" with an absolutely icy smile on her face. Maybe she had some unpleasant experiences with the Polish people already working in Britain and she passed it onto the people of Poland in general. I don't know, but I can understand that.

So, I have experienced myself the dislike of the British people for prospective "immigrants". And I tell you: these are the common people who decide. The "common" ones usually outnumber the "elites" of the nation whoever those elites may be. If I were British, I'd probably be a remainer, but I can understand the feelings of the Brexiters quite well.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,861
7 Nov 2016 #66
yes but Z that was only ONE person....
trust me I only realised how truly horrible certain Brits could be when I married a bloody foreigner....but it was only a few total knuts...other people were fine
Ziemowit 14 | 4,278
8 Nov 2016 #67
Thanks Roz. People are different and one shouldn't take everything too personally. I am quite sure that a foreigner in Poland (a Ukrainian, for example) may quite often be confronted with attitudes that are not nice to them.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,861
8 Nov 2016 #68
exactly.... yet such attitudes could not be said to be representative of the nation, could they?

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