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Are Polish people importing a new wave of ancient racism into the UK?

2 Jun 2011 #241
I think you are ill educated. Nigerians, Turks and Paki's are not European. So there's simply no good reason to allow them to live in Europe.

Ad absurdum, Polish are not British. Can you please tell the 500,000 Poles in the UK you want them back

All immigration from Africa, Asia and Latin America should be stopped to protect the parts of Europe not yet flooded by these people.

Oh dear,Poor little baba is scared. I have a magic hat that will protect you from the evil boogie man.
Ironside 51 | 11,338
2 Jun 2011 #242
What the heck are evil poles doing in UK??
Most of them are primitive and racist by nature

They devilishly spread their wings and do the evils deeds in an unprecedented primitive and naturally racist way.
shoo! you riga, do not awake a bad big ca-boom form Poland, it spy you with its big eye !
2 Jun 2011 #243
How I understood isthatu2 post was to show what Britain(and europe) once was is not what we are now. Anyone who hold views remotly like those are pathetic. England doesn't teach every school child about the dark ages because of darkies(primitive 1970's slang). It was a awful time and something that is looked at with disgust. And anyone who claims CofE treatment was worse or even equal to Catholic Europe are pathetic. We are not making up for guilt, as some idiot claimed, we have evolved. India, Africa etc don't harp on, we work together for mutual trade. Consider are future and not living in the past.

The many Poles are not in England for any debt we owe they are here as economic migrants.
By all means keep judging UK by your yard stick and vote 'Yes' to the thread. Nit picking is still a bonding ritual with our ape cousins (how much DNA do we share with them whats their halogroup etc). Or tell me the world is 6000 years old.
Des Essientes 7 | 1,291
3 Jun 2011 #244
True story,was mates with a British Asian lad at collage( I only mention his ancestry as its relevent),no names no pack drill as we had both been on the lash

To those Poles who might read this forum hoping to improve their English comprehension don't worry if the latter part of this sentence above is unintelligible to you, and I think the writer meant to type "college" rather than "collage" althought the perhaps the "pack drill" and the "lash" are slang for art supplies.
6 Jun 2011 #245
There is Fact that most people fail to realise... No matter our skin colour we are all Humans that are geographically located in various part of the Globe with different culture,customs,traditions,perspections,compositions...e.t.c.That's the Beauty of the Human race that cant be changed .... irrespective of the fact that some creeps wont get that on their greasy head.

If you are a racist then you can kiss yourself goodbye....That is your choice andn battle that wont be be won...
We live in a multi-cultural,racial and diverse society....if racist dont want get along with the trend of innovation/changes then they system will leave you behind...

ZIMMY 6 | 1,602
6 Jun 2011 #246
"Between World War I and World War II, the government of the Second Polish Republic and Polish business entities considered Brazil, Peru, Angola, Liberia, Mozambique, Tanganyika, Cameroon, and Madagascar

Yes, my grandfather in particular wanted to colonize Cameroon because he wanted to adopt the tribe of pygmies that resided there but the French wouldn't let him since they already colonized that country among others. Of course my grandfather should be judged harshly for thinking about it because it's just as bad, if not worse than actually colonizing and killing people who live in these territories; right?

Besides, he was too busy selling farm goods and livestock to his Jewish acquaintances (and friends?) in the shtetl.
David_18 68 | 982
6 Jun 2011 #247
"Between World War I and World War II, the government of the Second Polish Republic and Polish business entities considered Brazil, Peru, Angola, Liberia, Mozambique, Tanganyika, Cameroon, and Madagascar as possible venues for colonization. Although lands in these countries were purchased and some Polish emigration took place,

Do you understand the difference betwen purchasing land and stealing it?

Since Poland bought the land Poland should logicaly own it right? so do they?
isthatu2 4 | 2,702
6 Jun 2011 #248
bollox,do you think they bought the land off the natives?
You lot are either completly naive or utterly brainwashed............
ZIMMY 6 | 1,602
8 Jun 2011 #249
Racism has many forms. Most cries of 'racism' are false but are used as a weapon.

In Chicago, in my neighborhood, there have been a series of so-called "flash mobs". The papers and the broadcast media have been careful not to describe the race of the perpetrators (black male teens). That's the power of "political correctness" which fears the truth.

A typical example:

From the link: " salesman Krzysztof Wilkowski, 34, said he was sitting on his motor scooter checking his cellphone around 8:30 p.m. when he was hit in the head with a baseball, which knocked his helmet off.

"The next thing I know is I'm being hit by the helmet, then being dragged into the street," Wilkowski said. "I couldn't believe it. It was broad daylight outside, there were people around, and this happened."

Meowmeow 5 | 58
8 Jun 2011 #250
The answer is no, racist views from the polish isn't being brought into Britain as they don't integrate. And thank god, the BNP would be running Britain. Tho it's does need tougher border control, too many immigrant white, black e.t.c....Only highly skilled should be allowed into the country
PolskiMoc 4 | 324
9 Jun 2011 #251
Only highly skilled should be allowed into the country

Research conducted by PKO Bank Polski, Poland's largest retail bank, shows that 63% of Polish immigrants to the UK are aged between 24 and 35 with 40% possessing a university degree
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
9 Jun 2011 #252
A university degree doesn't mean you're skilled, especially in Poland where degrees are handed out like sweets.
9 Jun 2011 #253
40% possessing a university degree

in other words, 60 per cent of Polish Immigrants to Britian are relatively uneducated.
Lodz_The_Boat 32 | 1,535
11 Jun 2011 #254
Its a nonsense thread, so I thought I will never even open it. But then still, now that I have :), I would like to say that it is a "nonsense thread", Polish people didn't import anything really. They just went to work ...

As for racism, this is something very unfortunate and people will change with time after some long term interractions with other races. It makes a person more "global" in this increasingly globalzed world where everything is turning into being a part of the global village.

Insulting, humiliating, or considering other people worthy/not worthy/reliable/not reliable on the basis of race is not a very good way to lead ones life. But as that is what some people prefer, I'd say that there is always room for improvement for everybody, and so is for them.
southern 75 | 7,096
11 Jun 2011 #255
In Poland they view me friendly but not like one of them.They always ask if am Ukrainian or Czech.There are some sh1tty Poles especially in public services but I suppose they are the same towards Poles too.
Meowmeow 5 | 58
11 Jun 2011 #256
I wonder how to feels to be black in Poland.... o_0
isthatu2 4 | 2,702
11 Jun 2011 #257
I wonder how to feels to be black in Poland.... o_0

  • looks like fun,meet new people,have a giggle....
jarnowa 4 | 499
11 Jun 2011 #258
global village.

Yeah, let's give up European culture, let's create a second Africa and Middle East in the parts of Europe not yet conquered by Africans and Arabs. Yuck.
22 Jul 2011 #259
So many comments , But the point of the British Empire and the common wealth has not been raised of course England and most of Europe wealth comes from third world countries. Black soldiers fought for Britain .Trade made Britain rich! Poland and the polish are here because of European politics and WW11 etc..

I have met many intelligent and non racist polish people .I have met some ignorant ones in terms of accepting black and Asian wealth because of the plight Poland and other Eastern block countries find them selves in . Many Asian businesses employ polish workers .Its a culture shock too come too London especially which is the most cosmopolitan capital in the word. Every race has racist people and views its unfair too label all the polish people!
3 Oct 2011 #260
@BEINSS U basically raped up this debate up i mean they say black is this black is that but forget to at least have the decency to admit some real good things that has been developed by the black race

Well I won’t blame some of u racist in this forum if only the government knew that it is because of people like u that makes Poland a less attractive place!!

now all i c for the past 2 moth is advert on TV encouraging people to come to Poland...but the question is who actually would feel confident and comfortable to come there after reading such ill comments from some of the people in this forum Poland is rater shaky in it GDP growth compared to other EU nations and such people like @jarnowa condemn colored people....don’t try to justify yourself by saying that u don’t have problems with black only if they stay in their nation because that is bullshit. I mean I know whites that go to Africa for holiday business and so on...

let me let u guys some real valid info-- if u actually want your nation to prosper in the tourist sector i guess it would be high time to start embracing other culture...i mean by embracing it u allow other to do likewise and by that it spreads the popularity of your nation!. Be-live me by condemning any particular race it just discourages foreigners from visiting or even investing in your nation am talking from a economic perspective here

Most people like bringing along blacks for vacation because they normally know how to have fun better than other races (at least so they say) so if they learn that Poland is not a place that is friendly how the hell u expect them to spend time their

i really feel sorry for the innocent once that some of these ill people tarnish their image..i mean i know there is racism everywhere but at least spear it a little by not publishing such in your own forum!!

Like take Turkey as an example-- do u know how much money they make by just being hospital and friendly to foreigner and so on?... it is like the top place for holiday makers. Which Poland can do likewise due to the rich culture bi-stalled in it...and not to even mention the fact that is more of home for music lover say (Chopin) etc....
gumishu 12 | 6,045
3 Oct 2011 #261
let me let u guys some real valid info-- if u actually want your nation to prosper in the tourist sector i guess it would be high time to start embracing other culture...i mean by embracing it

embracing which culture - the culture of Jamaican gangsters? - the culture of the British ASBO's aka chavs? - what do you actually mean? should we target some specific culture to advertise to? Arabs? they only care about Rolls-Royces and London banks and their Mekka or otherwise are dirt poor

and what can you actually do to stop some poeple from being prejudiced towards blacks, Asians - how can possibly Polish government change this or why should it actually begin to target it when it's not a major problem (to your knowledge sometimes trying to be proactive against some problem actually gives it fuel - ever heard that lowering age at which children are taught about sex results in lowering of the age when they actually engage in sex)

Most people like bringing along blacks for vacation because they normally know how to have fun better than other races (at least so they say) so if they learn that Poland is not a place that is friendly how the hell u expect them to spend time their

I haven't seen any black people on vacation at the Italian seaside where I was, I haven't seen any black people in that vicinity in the Alps where I was - what does attract black people? - must be warm climate and partying - I don't think Poland needs any more party oriented tourists you know - neither it is ever gonna be competition for Mallorca, Cyprus or Turkey in that field (not the right climate pal simply) -

btw jarnowa is not Polish at all - he comes from Belgium as far as I know
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
3 Oct 2011 #262
embracing which culture

Polish culture.

Tourists don't come for multiculturalism (except in a very few cities - of which Poland has none and is unlikely to have ever). We can argue about what Polish culture is - but to me, this is Poland-

And my favourite -

Sidliste_Chodov 1 | 441
3 Oct 2011 #263
Most people like bringing along blacks for vacation because they normally know how to have fun better than other races


You moan about racist Polish people, then you come out with a racist pile of crap like that? Have you got any more tired stereotypes about whites you can use while you're on here? You know, like we haven't got rhythm, we can't jump, or we can't "match up" to the cool guys with the guns and the gold chains, or some other rubbish like that?

Besides, "Bringing along blacks for vacation" sounds like something a slave trader would do.
satmanuk - | 14
3 Oct 2011 #264
I do feel ashamed that we cannot display the Flag of St George but you have to ask yourself the reason why it was banned? Because the likes of the BNP use it incorrectly, they wave the flag of St George and then go out and target people whom they consider to be imperfect. They are animals and if the Police are powerless to defend our nation from these Animals then we have to manage without our flag. British governments need to look at a few things, why can Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have their own government but not England? Why can't we make it a rule that you must learn to speak English (and Polish in Poland, French in France etc) before applying for citizenship etc.

I believe British people to be lazy and unfriendly, I walk the streets of the towns and cities of a weekend and feel ashamed of my people.

I agree that not every European Country has the same Multiculturalism that exists in the UK, but we have gone a little too far, we need to adapt our laws so they work both ways, if somebody calls you names because of Race, Colour, Creed etc, they should be dealt with in an equal way as I would if I said such things to them.

As a nation we cannot afford to have translators when you go to any government office or hospital or police station etc, if you don't speak the Language make sure you take somebody with you that does.

As has been pointed out to me in other threads, as I am starting a business in Poland, I need to make sure I have people around me who not only can speak Polish and English but are upto date with Polish legislation be it Civil or Criminal. All that is required is that people adopt an equal stance for the UK. We do this and life will be much better.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
4 Oct 2011 #265
Generalising is the bane of the forum. It should attract an instant ban. That's my general opinion ;)

As for the thread, I don't know and I don't care. I suspect some are but most aren't.
satmanuk - | 14
4 Oct 2011 #266
I don't know when I travel I seem to find instant friends all over the world, but I just don't seem to find the same group in England, that's all I am saying, most people I would call a friend basically only come around when they want something. I can invite hundreds of people to a party but nobody turns up. They all have their excuses, maybe for some they are genuine, but most people describe me as a warm and caring person, but lets say a proportion of English girls I know are married to African men, I live in a very Pakistani and Indian area, but the girls do not socialise with English guys, when you ask them how to socialise they simply say they don't.

Perhaps its the area I live in, but I am close to a town centre, and have no interest in going out to clubs and pubs and such because usually they play music I don't like or I don't have money for such things. I would rather find friends to go camping or walking or out door activities with.

Is it wrong to say a proportion of English girls find Ethnic men more attractive, whilst at the same time the remaining English girls are already taken, not interested, or just not appealing?

Is it also wrong to say that Girls of an Ethnic nature in England tend to look more towards their own Ethnic Mix rather than those outside of their Ethnic Mix?

I am trying not to generalise but I just say it how it appears to be to me.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
4 Oct 2011 #267
Satmanuk, that's quite a fair post there. You have preferences and reasonable ones. Fair enough!
Teffle 22 | 1,321
4 Oct 2011 #268
The funny thing is, and in fairness maybe it's no longer the case as it has been nearly 20 years since I lived in London, but, my image/abiding memory of the place was one of great tolerance to be honest.

Put it this way, The Irish Centre (whatever the feck they were and did) flew a tricolour without any complaints as far as I'm aware - try flying a union jack in Dublin and see how long it would last.
11 Oct 2011 #269
It has to more with your culture and country of origin. Poland is a very homogeneous country. When people leave poland for countris as diverse as the U.K. and America they are shocked to see so many different races and cultures in one place. Naturally, they are afraid of the unknown therefore dont know how to deal with it so they stick with their own kind....making it easy to point, criticize etc etc.....
Mozes - | 7
9 Jan 2012 #270
Hah, not even if immigration were fully stopped would your country be saved from a major cultural/racial change.

Hello Miguel:).

Hope you are well.

Please allow me to add one meaningful detail to this discussion.

I am not sure if you know some less famous facts from European history but living here is not only about cheap food, child benefits, shiny TVs and cars. Europe is wealthy for a reason. If an European is poor or hungry he will not just wait to die from starvation, he will kill other man to gain food, living space or anything else he needs, he will do it deliberately and in organized, efficient way. As a Pole I understand it very well, people from the West understand it as well but may not always want to realize it, immigrants may not understand it at all. Oh, and I forgot, Europeans, in hard times, tended to support only people of their own nationality(not to mention culture or race) - being perfectly aware of that is also a 'privilege' of being Polish.

Fortunately, today we have global economy, NATO and EU. Hitler's 'lebensraum' is dead now, Stalin, Lenin - they are all gone but... it is as it is as long as we have money. As long as people are not hungry and angry.

And just to finish, if I was a non-European immigrant I really would not want to live in Poland. Not because it might seem to be poor and unwelcoming but because in case of any conflict this place becomes a war zone. I had an honour to talk with couple people who survived WW II - there was sometimes difficult to be human, not to mention to be politically correct.

So I would just like to advise you as kindly as I can: do not be so arrogant, try to study some European history and draw your own conclusions because you never know what may need to be saved in the end.

Best wishes:).

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