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Polish passport - Can I apply from the UK?

hoshyar 1 | -
2 Sep 2012 #1
i marride polish girl 3 years ago in uk and we have 2 years old dughter i have resident state in uk for 5 yearbut i would like to get polish passport how can i get it or apply with out going to poland can i apply from uk?
parasolka - | 1
6 Sep 2012 #2
you can't applay to polish passport, becouse you don't live in Poland. The requirement is to have first pernament residential card (after 3 years of temporaly, to get only when you can proof that yo live in Poland) and be married at least 3 years and you have past polish language test.

It seems that you married only to get profit so shame you. I realy don't understand polish girls that get married to gays that need permit to be in Europe
12 Jun 2014 #3
what is the quickest way to renew my polish passport in uk

I am in civil partnership fro 8 years and living with my british partner for 10 years can I become a british citizen and get british passport
jon357 67 | 17,530
12 Jun 2014 #4
Yes. You shouldn't have any problem.
rainio - | 1
12 Sep 2014 #5
Merged: Going crazy renewing Polish Passport in the UK

Sorry for another passport post, but the information online is contradictory.
I'm trying to renew a Polish passport in London.

-Do you need to make an appointment at the Embassy on Bouverie Street (is this the right place, the Consulate is at a different location) or can you turn up and wait (and hopefully get in)?

The website says you need an appointment, though getting an appointment seems difficult (they open on the 27th of each month, apparently).

-When you get there I assume you pick up the application form. Can you fill it out straight away and give it to the clerk, or do you have to go back in line (if you don't have an appointment) or do you need to come back (or make another appointment)?

-Do you need to bring your birth certificate?

-Searching online all the websites say the photo must have a light grey background, though the Embassy says a white background.

I'd greatly appreciate your help.
stanislaw1 - | 2
12 Feb 2016 #6
Merged: Problem renewing Polish passport in the UK

I have a Polish passport that I would like to renew but I have the following problem. I don't speak Polish - my father was polish and he got me this passport as his descendant. I have never been to Poland so the only document that identifies me as Polish is my passport, which expired in 2012. I have contacted the Polish consulate in London asking for help and explaining that I don't speak Polish, but they reply in Polish.

Who can I contact for help in this matter? Any ideas?
Thank you

12 Feb 2016 #7
Try ringing the consulate in manchester , I have found them more helpful than london, most of them speak english.
5 Jul 2016 #9
have polish ancestry and was born in the uk what is best way to get polish passport
adsalk 1 | 17
6 Jul 2016 #10
bluejt, having Polish ancestry doesn't say much. Be more specific.
11 Jul 2016 #11
I am a foster carer for a young teenage whose Polish passport expires shortly. I would like to take the girl with me on an overseas family holiday but unable to until her passport is renewed. How do i renew it please?
Atch 16 | 3,366
11 Jul 2016 #12
Go to the Polish consulate in the place where you live. It can be done through them but you may not be able to get it in time for your holiday.
11 Jul 2016 #13
Thanks for your prompt reply Atch. The nearest Embassy is London and apparently the application forms cannot be downloaded but only collected from the embassy. What a performance. I've tried ringing the Embassy in both London & Manchester 4 times this morning and each time told to continue holding on the line until an agent becomes free. Frustratingly after 25 minutes of holding I received another message to say that my call cannot be taken and try again ridiculous is that. Totally unhelpful and inept organisations. Since then I have found out that a temporary passport can be given for 6 months whilst waiting for the passport to come through.

I should say that London is 200 miles from where I live! lol
Atch 16 | 3,366
11 Jul 2016 #14
Hi Fostercarer.

There's no way round the appointment I'm afraid. Just be very sure that you have all the documentation etc that you need on the day of the appointment. You can book your appointment here:

Bring all your necessary documents with you, fill in the form at the consulate (it may be all in Polish with no translation) and hand everything in with the fee. If you want a temporary passport 'paszport tymczasowy' you have to give the reason why you want it. They don't really like issuing them except for emergency travel, such as an illness in the family or some urgent business related matter like being sent overseas for your work but they might take pity on a child and let the poor little pet have her holiday. They take about two weeks to process. The 'real' passport takes longer.

The appointment booking rules are here in case you didn't see them already:

I took a look at the consulate website and it seems that the best thing would be to send an email to this address, explaining your situation and making sure of exactly what documentation, photos etc you need and whether they're likely to let her have the temporary passport for a holiday, so you don't have an expensive and wasted journey:

Good luck with it!
26 Aug 2016 #15
We would like to apply passport for our newly born baby. We have uk birth certificate and marriage certificate. We tried to contact in the ambassy but couldn't get through. Do we need to book an appointment for the application form?

Sorry forget to mentioned .. My husband is from poland
Atch 16 | 3,366
26 Aug 2016 #16
Having checked the website of the Polish consulate in the UK, yes it looks like you do:

Here's the information you need regarding the application process and it contains a link to the appointment booking service:
26 Aug 2016 #17
Many thanks Atch
14 Oct 2016 #18
Complicated situation
I am Polish in 2 weeks i will be 10 years living in UK i need to renew my passport. And there are problems
1 I got married and divorce i UK
2 never register my marriage and now i cant change my name
3 contact with ex is non existing
4 my old polish adress in not my adress any more as i know been rented out to other people
5 can i have british adress in polish passport
6 i would like to finalky change my name in my passport
Paul123 1 | 1
30 Oct 2016 #19
My friend is polish and has been living here in the UK for approx 8 years.his polish passport expired last year and so he now wants to renew

He is unsure of how to do this.I have been looking online and even though I think I understand now I not 100% sure.
Am I right in thinking he needs to arrange an appointment at the consulate in Manchester in order to fill in the forms.?

Also could someone be kind enough to send me a link or inform me of the correct list of documents he will need in order to renew

Thanks :)
Meer arslan
18 Aug 2017 #20
My friend is from poland and now she living in uk and lost her passport and she went to polish embassy in Manchester to block her passport and after 4 5 days she found her passport and what she can do it is possible she can unblock her passport or if not then tell me new passport charges
jon357 67 | 17,530
19 Aug 2017 #21
it is possible she can unblock her passport

Probably. In either case she needs to tell the embassy that she's found it.
Joker 2 | 1,973
19 Aug 2017 #22
Why don't you do it for her? LoL

possible she can unblock her passport

I doubt any passport once blocked can be unblocked. For security reasons of course:)
delphiandomine 88 | 18,455
19 Aug 2017 #23
It's a matter of a simple database update. Takes a few seconds.

Of course, it might not be possible in the United States.
Joker 2 | 1,973
19 Aug 2017 #24
Thats because we really don't want you in the United States!

I doubt it takes a few seconds as you claim either, if it even happens at all, if you know anything about it as well, without you googling
2 Nov 2017 #25
Hi , got married with a Polish girl 10 years ago , we got 2 kids and we're living in UK . Can I get a Polish Passport ?
2 Nov 2017 #26
Can I get a Polish Passport ?

No, you'll need to live in Poland for at least three years first.
4 Sep 2018 #27
Hi could anyone tell me please what documents do I need to take with me to consulate to renew my polish passport? Do I need birth certificate? Or just pesel number?

Atch 16 | 3,366
5 Sep 2018 #28
If it's a renewal then you probably don't need your birth cert, just your Polish ID card. However if you have the birth cert bring it along. Always better to have more documents when dealing with Polish bureaucrats as you know! You should definitely bring your ID card. You'll also need to bring some passport photos. There's some kind of form to fill in but I think you can get it there. It sort of depends on which consulate it is. At the Polish consulate in Ireland you have to make an appointment via their online booking facility. You can't just turn up and join the queue.
25 Sep 2018 #29
Hi my name is anna and i want apply for polish passport but i never have one. I got just id. I am polish but live in uk for 11 years csn i apply for polish passport? Thanks
RubasznyRumcajs 5 | 488
25 Sep 2018 #30

in short- you will need to contact a Polski Konsulat near you (I assume you only have Dowód Osobisty). Unless you are going abroad (i.e. outside of the EU) you don't need a passport. It is unlikely (but not impossible) that UK will make any problems to the EU citizens travelling to the UK after Brexit (assuming they have Settled Status confirmation documents with them).

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