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BettyTV 1 | 1
23 Jul 2012 #1

We're currently looking for Polish couples based in the UK to take part in a new TV series. Please see further information below and feel free to get in touch if you're interested.


Are you in a long term relationship?

Has your sex life lost its spark?

We can bring the magic back into your relationship.

Are you too tired to have sex? Are you embarrassed about the way your body looks? Have you and your partner simply stopped talking to each other about sex? These are all common problems that can be successfully treated.

A new TV series for a major broadcaster can help you put the magic back into your relationship. We are offering an all-inclusive weekend getaway to a luxury retreat with two of the world’s top sex and relationship experts.

If your sex life has ground to a halt, then a weekend away in beautiful surroundings might just be the break you need. Our goal is to help each couple achieve a happier and more fulfilling sex life using proven and innovative therapies.

This glossy, uplifting TV series aims to create stronger and more stable partnerships by discussing sexual issues in a respectful, grown-up and sensitive way.

If you want a better sex life within your relationship, please email in confidence: relationships(at symbol) or call 0207 907 0862. Please remember to leave a contact telephone number.
teflcat 5 | 1,032
23 Jul 2012 #2
Is this exclusively for Polish couples or are you spamming, er, sorry, targeting lots of different websites?
OP BettyTV 1 | 1
24 Jul 2012 #3
We are also looking for couples from other backgrounds, but are specifically looking to find several Polish couples to participate in the series.

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