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A new mayor in London: opinion of Polish people in the UK?

Wulkan - | 3,249
8 May 2016 #121
I read all these racist comments. Some of you Poles are hilarious!

Lyzko is not Polish but hey why would some troll with no account know anything about this forum. Plus, since when religion is a race if you care to explain.
8 May 2016 #122
London is a "Majority Immigrant" city. Majority Vari-coloured Varmints who are Parasites from countries where life is miserable for Parasites. Majority = Hindi/Paki/DinduNigs/Jews. So, then, as per plan, the Foreigner was voted in by foreigners. The game was between Muslims and Jews. The Jews win as they play both sides, always. That Jew is a Rothschild accomplice.

British People, White European DNA, do not like it. English People do not like it. Their voice is suppressed as the MSM is owned by Jews. Articles written by Jews.

British People would not vote for this Shyster Paki with a history that shows him to be a true Asian Parasite . He hates White European People. Only pretenders and Parasites who claim they are British, and white cuckservative sell-outs and those who look white but are in fact Jews chose their own kind.

@ How Poland is perceived by the world = is of absolutely no importance. The world does not care.
Being called names by the Enemy is good fun and should be encouraged because, this way the Enemy shows itself for what it truly is. Play the darkie at his own game and reverse the accusations.

Many Enemies of Poland on this forum, all are Foreigners. You, Polish People, know them by their fruit. Bitter. They don't belong.
> On the Occidental news sites, Poland is praise for its self awareness and preservation. Well done!
> Nothing wrong with being called Racist. Japanese are 100% racist, and don't care what Paki what-nots think. Nigeria for Nigerians, only.
Actually, Polish People are RACIALISTS. This means that they are REALISTS: Aware of their History, Heritage, Family, Race DNA, and choose instinctively to be with their own kind for their Healths sake.

> Nothing wrong with being called 'anti-semitic'. This has no meaning. Why hate Palestinians and Lebanese? Exposing Ashkenazi and their ways is not anti-Semitic. It's just that Khazars hate being exposed.

@ Judeo-Christian = no such thing. In fact it is impossible. Talmud is 100% anti Christ. Christianity is a White European Construct designed for the White mind. Now, it is full of Jesuit/Jew Parasites. So, now, each Christian must work out his own salvation, which is what Christ taught.

For the bio of the Pakistani horror:

Check all links. Keep Polish People safe from this evil!
8 May 2016 #123
No doubt the bloke's capable enough, but one can't help feeling that his loyalties may lies on the wrong side

Just because he's Muslim?
The guy received death threats for voting for equal marriage, and on his campaign team he had gay men and Jewish women.
That surely says something about the way he thinks.
You may not have meant it that way and apologies if you didn't, but you sound very much like his disgraced opponent who did his level best to link him with Islamic extremism,fundamentalism, and terrorism.

Give the guy a chance, he won that election fair and square.
8 May 2016 #124
Khan like any other politician seeking office will do all he can to promote his apparent " values " , but he was elected that is true and only time will tell.

He is a practicing Muslim, a faith I can not and never will vote for in a democratic country.

If his past is anything to go by then I think it won't take long for his true feelings and values to surface.
gregy741 4 | 1,204
8 May 2016 #125 Mayor of London is a good friend of bunch of terrorists,islamic radical clerics and Farrakhan...
Farrakhan-leader of nation of islam ,guy who claim black people are gods and white people are devils who were casted away from Africa to Europe,cus they were criminals..ect.

just listening this if you have time..21 century London ruled by those kinds..umbelievable.
OP InPolska 11 | 1,821
8 May 2016 #126
for sure, all the fascists are going to contest the election and imagine all kinds of bs against the guy. The Polish jerk did not even make 1% whereas S. Khan made 57% ;).

Glad to see how miserable you fascists react! Un vrai moment de bonheur à savourer ! ;)
Atch 16 | 3,299
8 May 2016 #127
Do you know where that trend originated and how come that Muslims became so good in that?

Thanks for mentioning the IRA. It perfectly illustrates the point that a small group of extremists do not represent an entire nation or ethnic group. Back in the days of 'the troubles' in the 1970s and 1980s, there were many Irish people living in the UK. Very few of them were terrorists. In the same way that a tiny number of Irish people were die-hard Republicans, an even smaller number of them were terrorists. Muslim does not equal terrorist.

not to invite Muslim into your country if you don't want to face a serious challenge to the integrity and security of your country in the future.

Not necessarily. According to Imam Dr Umar Al-Qadri who lives in Ireland:

'Ireland, he also felt, was "quite different to other European countries". In Ireland, Muslims are not alienated, even if "a very small number" had become radicalised.

Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald, he says, puts the number at 30.'

I would say that 30 radicalised Muslims out of a population of 75,000 of them, is not too bad.
OP InPolska 11 | 1,821
8 May 2016 #128
What do you expect, Atch, as they don't understand that most Muslims (in Europe) live like "normal" citizens. And yes, S. Khan who is feminist, liberal, pro same sex marriage (he was threatened to death by islamists), who had gays and jews in his campaign team is a "dangerous terrorist". The good thing is that a lot of NON muslims have voted for him, which means that people are much more intelligent than those who vomit their non stop hatred on the net.

I have heard him say that at the time of Paris' attacks, he went there with his wife to a concert. Wow, a Muslim to a rock concert!!! Incredible for the mob to even imagine it!
gregy741 4 | 1,204
8 May 2016 #129
Khan is another proof that there is no "moderate islam" he suppose to be face of moderate muslim,yet at closer look yet again we see crypto extrtemist. deceiver..stupid Europeans allow themselves to be fooled by empty promises of "social justice" and elected islamist radical

And yes, S. Khan who is feminist, liberal, pro same sex marriage

hes support no of those..thats the say things to win election say things public wants to hear,thats all
OP InPolska 11 | 1,821
8 May 2016 #130
since he is a MP, easy to check ,). He received numerous death threats for supporting same sex marriage. He has gays and Jews on his team. Well, for sure, islamists love gays/lesbians and jews ;). You are plain ridiculous and do not accept democracy. What's your opinion of the Polish jerk who did not even get 1%.??? ;)
Ironside 50 | 11,061
8 May 2016 #131
What's your opinion of the Polish jerk who did not even get 1%.???

He is British of Polish origin according to your logic. Why jerk? You are a jerk being dirt poor, he is relatively rich that makes him an eccentric.

He never stood a chance that was between two major parties in the uk, Labour and Conservatives. You don't really think that Kahn won on his own or due to his virtues?.
gregy741 4 | 1,204
8 May 2016 #132
since he is a MP, easy to check ,)

its been checked and proven,hes Islamist radical,shovinist and racist .and yes,you right ,it was easy
OP InPolska 11 | 1,821
8 May 2016 #133
@Gregy: if islamists are racist, chauvinist (wrong spelling since from Chauvin ;)), you should love them because you share the same "values". Why don't you get along since you have the same views ;)

In France we call racist bigots ..; Valibans as per "talibans" with a "V" for "Vatican"
gregy741 4 | 1,204
8 May 2016 #134
me? you the one who called polish nation stupid and ignorant just minutes ago in different thread.
i think you dont even know what you believe in,and what you think? if you think at all.all you got is as every leftist..just throwing labels and spawning crap that makes no sense.

but dont worry,i dont expect leftist to have any idea of logic,reason and fact,all you got is labels ..your ideology is what you have implanted in your head.leftist trash ideology -mother of all idiocy and lie
OP InPolska 11 | 1,821
8 May 2016 #135
I am in favor of human rights, equlity, justice for all and if this is to be leftwing for you, well, you have a marvelous opinion of the left and they thank you. I am NOT a fascist but I am not a leftist either. I do NOT even vote. I know for Americans, life is easy, it's either black or white as they don't understand that there are a lot of things in between.
gregy741 4 | 1,204
8 May 2016 #136
they don't understand that there are a lot of things in between.

you are using generalization again...didnt you said that is sign of ignorance to stereotyping nation? am lost
OP InPolska 11 | 1,821
8 May 2016 #137
@Gregy; I lived there and I have interacted with hundreds of thousands of people over the years so trust me, it's enough to have an idea whereas here a lot of you don't know a single soul or at the very most have met 1 or 2 of any group and you do generalize ;)
gregy741 4 | 1,204
8 May 2016 #138
millions of poles lived in the west europe over past 10 years..i think their "xenophobia" is result of experience of living in multiculti "paradises".its those middle class leftist tree huggers that are ignorant.they never lived in ghetto.

is that isis "moderate" flag displayed openly at Mayor of London speech?hehe
3 min mark

Flags are pointed out with annotations and at the times listed below;

1:16 - Caliphate flag
1:43 - Jihad flag and Shahada bandana
1:52 - Caliphate flag
3:00 - Jihad flag and Shahada bandana
4:10 - Caliphate flag
5:52 - Caliphate flag
7:11 - Caliphate flag
8:05 - Jihad flag
8:36 - Jihad flag and Shahada bandana

OP InPolska 11 | 1,821
8 May 2016 #139
don't you have reliable sources??? Don't you know what YouTube is???? Any fascist (or other) can make a movie and put it in YouTube? If you want to be credible, provide reliable sources! I'm sure you don't have any ;)

BS: it is not even his voice. Aren't you ridiculous!

he was elected in a democratic election and if you don't like, nobody cares and you just f.uck off!
gregy741 4 | 1,204
8 May 2016 #140
n't you have reliable sources???

yea..he himself admitted on BBC:
OP InPolska 11 | 1,821
8 May 2016 #141
poor idiot!: the guy is a lawyer! In democratic societies, everybody is entitled to lawyers. Whatever you say, London's people don't give a sh@@t!
gregy741 4 | 1,204
8 May 2016 #142
HE shared platform with ISIS supporters and hate radicals on 9 different occasions..hes closest family including brother in law members are hard core radical terrorism supporters...this got nothing to do with his lawyer record
Lyzko 30 | 7,399
8 May 2016 #143
All I'm saying is let's be TRULY equal! If a Western Christian or Jew were to (somehow) become head of a caliphate, he or she'd better be TRIPLY circumspect about their public comportment as well as their pronouncements! Same with Mr. Khan. As a Muslim in an essentially majority white, Christian metropolis, he must be exceedingly circumspect about his own person as representative of a presently most unpopular group:-)

In order to distance himself from such, he must do his level best to bend over backwards to show that he understands both his role as well as his position in a society in which he will remain an outsider for sometime until he gradually becomes more accepted.

I think these are reasonable sentiments, after all, London, Paris or Berlin are NOT New York, D.C. or Chicago and anyone who honestly believes we're "all the same" in some sort of kumbaya knee-jerk liberalism ought to do a quick reality check!!!
Szalawa 3 | 248
8 May 2016 #144
I agree with you here Lyzko, though I'm not sure if London is still a majority "white christian" metropolis, this might have changed by now, and nearly half the population are visible minorities. It is the break down of social cohesion and nothing good can come of this.
Lyzko 30 | 7,399
8 May 2016 #145
Szalawa, perhaps it is different in London, yet, here in New York we too have dozens of minority groups, brought in by boat lift to the shores of this country, many of the Islamic faith, others not, yet still empowered with the feeling that being a Pakistani, Hindu or Chinaman makes them identical with a native-born, tax-paying US citizen. While we may all be equal as human beings, surely we are not all equal as people and anyone who can't understand the anger at dealing with a heavily-accented customer service rep at their local bank as opposed to the locally-born English native-speaking rep whom they've dealt with for many years, merely because the foreigner is cheap labor for the bank has got to be a little slow:-)
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161
8 May 2016 #146
I'm fairly sure +90% of muslims voted for this guy, add to that lefties, tree huggers and all the useful idiots and Muslims don't really need to be majority to take over, 20-25% is enough.
Wulkan - | 3,249
8 May 2016 #147
and all the useful idiots

feminists :-)))
nothanks - | 640
8 May 2016 #148
is that isis "moderate" flag displayed openly at Mayor of London speech?hehe

Oh man what a dump. Look at that crowd. RIP London. Cause of death: 3rd World immigration
8 May 2016 #149
I'm fairly sure +90% of muslims voted for this guy,

Maybe, maybe not, but If that is what you think there must be an awful lot of progressive thinking Muslims then, because he received much abuse and death threats from conservative and extremist Muslims because he voted in favour of gay marriage in Parliament.

If Londoners were really that concerned about having a Muslim mayor, then they would have voted for the opposition rather than him wouldn't they?
AdrianK9 6 | 369
8 May 2016 #150
Here's a map of the people where the Kahn got the majority of votes - the red indicates a majority for Kahn.

It's been a while since I was able to travel and visit freely around London (8-9 years ago on a Trafalgar tour) so I don't really remember which parts had a large Muslim population - although it seemed like everywhere I went in downtown there was quite a lot of them. The last time I wen to London I was limited mainly to the area around the London Stock Exchange. I imagine the population of this group grew even further due to the events in the recent years. I do recall certain areas being damn near close, if not over, 50% arabs/muslims/etc. Even in front of the exchange there'd be plenty of dudes in clothes you'd see more in like Jeddah - something you don't really see too often in other Western countries - even in front of like the Mercantile exchange or on Wall street.

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