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Moving to London, need transport for luggage and furniture.

14 Oct 2012 #1
am living in Poland and I want to move over to London, but I have many luggages and furniture that I would like to take. am looking for a transport to take my belongings for me. I heard that they have some van or so that brings things to Poland and you pay them 1 pound per kilo. pls do any body has any website or contact with this people? I will be very happily u help me. stay bless
delek 1 | 5
14 Oct 2012 #2

they do UK <-> Poland so it should work for you, last time i used them the price was about 1,2£ per kilo
Douglas24 1 | 5
23 Oct 2012 #3
Why are you moving to London, tell me what you know and like about London please?
Ziemowit 14 | 4,444
23 Oct 2012 #4
Oxon, tell me why you are now Douglas please.
Douglas24 1 | 5
23 Oct 2012 #5
I really am not. Seriously I'm just new here and i want to know why so many people move to London, I'm from south shields.
CraigF 1 | 2
27 Oct 2012 #6
Hello Kadaaa,

Have you made your move to London yet? I am in Poland at the moment we are making a BBC programme from school children, and we want to meet someone who is moving to the UK for the first time.

We would like to speak to you about the move your making. Where do you live in Poland at the moment?

InWroclaw 89 | 1,914
27 Oct 2012 #7
You're not doing the subtitles in English, I'd hope. Your brief post seems to suggest you had teachers such as:-

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