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Modern day slavery in the UK

jon357 63 | 15,216
11 Nov 2014 #31
I'm familiar with that interview and as usual he's fairly close to the mark - particularly in respect of the way social and political thought had evolved up to that time. He does concentrate on the elite - the campaign to abolish slavery was led by the affluent but with a grassroots support especially among non-conformist religious groups creating a very broad support base.

A more practical issue is how on a day to day level we as a society can balance the need to protect the vulnerable who are exploited as agricultural workers in one of the richest parts of the world - a concrete example is the people Roz mentioned - with the growing desire for access to cheaper foods.
Borek Falecki - | 52
11 Nov 2014 #32
The answer is simple but maybe unacceptable for more modern minds: austerity and self-denial especially for the rich and opulent, but not only for them.
jon357 63 | 15,216
12 Nov 2014 #33
Simple indeed and both sensible and altruistic. Not an easy one to sell though...
Borek Falecki - | 52
12 Nov 2014 #34
Yes indeed - nothing to sell but only to practice.
jon357 63 | 15,216
18 Nov 2014 #35
More than 35 million men, women, and children across the world are being held as slaves, according to a bleak new report.

The report went on to praise countries including the Netherlands, Sweden, the US, Australian, Switzerland, Ireland, Norway, the UK, Georgia and Austria for taking the most action to end modern slavery.

The UK does quite well in the Global Slavery Index, Ireland does very well. Poland not so well but still near the bottom of the list, Czech, Hungary and Serbia do badly and Russia very badly.
jon357 63 | 15,216
15 Dec 2018 #36
A couple of people wanted by the police here. It looks like slavery is on the rise again unfortunately. At leat the police ar taking it seriously. Mugshots and further details in the article.

Two men are wanted for numerous bail offences after originally being arrested for conspiracy to commit slavery offences in the Sandwell and Dudley areas in 2017. Dawid Kasperowicz and Adam Brzezinski are believed to be laying low .

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