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Missing Poles in London, Sylwester Goralski or Goranski / Rynczak

CheFinny 5 | 45
11 Dec 2011 #1
Hi guys tonight on Facebook a friend and I were talking about a Polish guy we knew who lived in Wimbledon London from November 2007 to maybe March 2008. Previously he was living in Tottenham.

We knew him through some other Polish people that we knew and at the time he was down on his luck and living in a bit of a squat that was filled with South Africans and a lot disaffected people. The house is pretty notorious in the Hayden's Park Road area.

Anyway the guy upped and left one night and was never seen again but we do know that the police were at the house looking for him on more than one occasion in the past. I have no idea, nor do I care, what for.

I was just wondering if anybody had any ideas about how I could have a search for this guy. Basically I don't want to find him I just want to make sure he isn't missing.

His name was Sylwester Goralski or Goranski. He was quite tall over six foot with blond straight hair. At the time he was quite/very disheveled and looked quite ill. In all honesty the guy looked, and sadly i believe, may have been mentally unwell. I'm not sure at all what part of Poland he was from but my pal thinks Katowice which he described in less than favorable terms.

Any help would be much appreciated.
hudsonhicks 21 | 346
13 Dec 2011 #2
Hope he's ok.. and back in Poland
OP CheFinny 5 | 45
15 Dec 2011 #3
sorry for bumping this up, but i feel its important.
JonnyM 11 | 2,611
15 Dec 2011 #4
On the Polish missing persons' database there's only one person called Sylwester who's about that height. He's 29 but not blond. Different surname too.

If the police were looking for him, could he have been arrested and taken back to Poland?

Goranski is a rare name, but unfortunately Sylwester Goralski also means 'Highland New Year's Eve' in Polish so a google search would throw up a lot of hotel websites etc. Nevertheless, there's someone with that name on Facebook whose photo is available for all to see - why not see if that's him.
2 Feb 2015 #5
Merged: Szukasz Lucjana Rynczak ? Are you looking for Lucjan Rynczak?

On jest chory , w Londynie, w Wielkiej Brytanii .

On sprzedawał czasopismo o nazwie " The Big Issue " . Niestety jest on w szpitalu w Londynie . Szpital Whitechapel , Ward 4e , jednostka dorosłych Critical Care . 2 lutego 2015. Jego numer telefonu to 0755 322 7637 , ale może on być wyłączony . Staram się mu pomóc .

Proszę skontaktować się ze mną , jeśli chcesz : Natalie Tuckwell lubBig Magazyn Wydanie na 0207 526 3200 i poprosić o " zespole Vendor " .

English :

He is ill, in London, UK.

He was selling a magazine called "The Big Issue". Sadly he is is hospital in London. Whitechapel Hospital, Ward 4e, Adult Critical Care unit. on 2nd February 2015. His mobile number is 0755 322 7637 but it may be switched off. I am trying to help him.

Please get in touch with me if you need to: Natalie Tuckwell or The Big Issue Magazine at 0207 526 3200 and ask for "Vendor team".

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