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Polish, living in Ireland and over 18 years of age survery about your health

Gobnait 1 | 1
12 Apr 2012 #1
Dear Colleague,

I'm posting this message to ask you for help with my research study. I wish to survey Polish people, who are living in Ireland and I want to ask them about their health and where they get their healthcare. I would like to survey at least 1,000 Polish people who are currently living in Ireland. This survey is in Polish.

I'm unable to post the link to the survey on this forum as I'm a new member.

I am a registered part-time PhD student in the School of Public Health & Population Science in UCD. The title of my PhD is "Irish Polonia: Self perceived health, lifestyles and reported usage of the health services by Polish people living in Ireland- A Mixed Methods Study".

This study has received ethical approval from the Ethics Committee in UCD. I interviewed Polish people living in Ireland previously and the findings from these interviews have helped me develop this questionnaire.

Please forward this email to your Polish friends and ask them to forward it to their friends.

Thanking you in anticipation
Yours truly

Gobnait Byrne
PhD student
Chleb 1 | 25
12 Apr 2012 #2
Witamy Gobnait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sadly, I am neither Polish nor Irish, so I can't take apart. I'll just observe and say good luck with the pole! (geddit?)
OP Gobnait 1 | 1
19 Apr 2012 #3
thanks for your good wishes. My questionnaire is in Polish and here is the advertisement in Polish. Approximately 50 people (the majority women) have completed the survey to date. I hope more Polish men complete survey


Rumfuddle 1 | 20
25 May 2012 #4

Hi Gobnait,

I sent that attachment to my (male) Dublin-based Polish teacher ... What is it with men and health?! ;)


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