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Letter from Polish Prosecutor??!!

Atch 16 | 3,299
18 May 2018 #31
let's not forget that the Irish judge is about to rule on whether they can still be accepted if issued by Poland.

Actually, she's now submitted it to the European Court of Justice and they'll be making the decision in July. It's clearly one of the reasons why PIS have been trying to back-track on the court reforms.
Ziemowit 13 | 4,393
19 May 2018 #32
Oh dear, I need to develop a more healthy distance because I didn't accuse the op of making the story up....?

No, Kaprys, dear, it is not like that. You need to develop a more healthy attitude because you so readily believed the words of someone who clearly stated that he did not see the letter, but his wife opened it, yet he at once started complaining on the PF about this letter from his work.

(I am not sure if it was an orange seal or an orange envelope, my wife opened it for me as i am at work)

Wasn't it strange, Kaprys? [Yes, it was very, very strange, indeed, Kaprys dear]

I momentarily challenged the story of the OP, but rather than reading my words carefully, you immediately started browsing the internet and giving 'sophisticated' advice to that pathetic clown of the name Tony71.

This is what I did not like, Kaprys. And it is because of that I started to give you advice on being more careful by simply developing a more healthy approach towards your readiness for responding to clowns on the PolishForums.

And finally, notice that the clown in question has never produced - as he had promised - any lines from his letter, simply because such a letter existed only in his imagination and quoting excerpts from such a letter would far exceed his skills in writing letters in Polish legal language. If he did so, his pathetic attempts to play another drama on the PF would have at once been identified as intentionally fake.
kaprys 3 | 2,511
19 May 2018 #33
Geez, Ziemowit, it's just a forum.
I don't see trolls and conspiracy theories everywhere, though I'm pretty sure several posters come here as different personas (including the pedo)
I know different urzędy may contact people on the phone - a recent thing but a fact.
The same thing applies to niestawienie się w sądzie. Even if the op is a troll, some may look for such information later on.
Paulina 10 | 1,860
19 May 2018 #34
Once I was sent a letter from a Polish court demanding me to show up at a hearing at that court as, according to the letter, I kidnapped my children to the Netherlands and the father wanted them back :D The problem was that I think I was right after college at that time, I had no husband, let alone children lol and I was younger than the woman in question. The only thing that matched was my first name and my surname. I was shocked, I didn't know what to do so I showed the letter to my dad and he called the court. Some woman told him that a private detective found me lol and that my dad should call somewhere (I don't remember where) and explain the "misunderstanding". My dad got angry, he told her that he's not going to pay even 1 złoty for a phone call to repair their mistake and that if they don't sort it out by themselves he's going to call TVN and the whole of Poland will laugh at their court lol The woman asked him not to get upset and I guess it worked because I didn't get another letter and I wasn't arrested or anything :))

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