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About hosting Polish student (I live in Oxford City)

rimmel 1 | -
26 Dec 2012 #1
I have for many many years been hosting foreign students to this very day I have hosted over 21 students,mainly from Germany.I live and work in Oxford City and my working life fits around me being able to host and provide accomodation for foreign students.I currently host a German student of 16 years who leaves in June 2013

All students have been in the 14 to 17 age range and most have been placed through a langauge travel organisation . This has worked well but turns out to be very expensive for the students family. So this this year I came to an arrangement with the family direct to support their son while studying in the uk in a local high school.

The arrangement has worked very well with their son placed in my local high school and attending full-time education.I remain as a guardian to their son responsible for his care and welfare needs.His parents forward a amount of money each month for his pocket money/hosting fee to cover any expences that is paid direct into my uk account via chaps!.

I would like to extend my offer hosting/accomodation to a student from somewhere other than Germany this year,all of my students have spoken well of their polish friends,always, so I would like to if possible find a student for 2013 placement from poland.

A student in the age range that I mention with some understanding of english and feels that they would cope in an english high school.The student will need to be supported by their parents/parent/guardian for a twelve month placement starting in 2013 sometime !.

I have very much experience,I have a current and enhanced crb/police check and Im able to supply reff,s to support any questions you may have.

If this sounds of interest to you or you know of anyone who may be an ideal student needing this kind of break, please get back to me for further information.

Mr T
ufo973 10 | 89
26 Dec 2012 #2
Polish people comes to uk for work as a cheap labor not for studying in universities.
Wulkan - | 3,243
10 Jan 2013 #3
lol, you wish :-)))

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