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Homeless Poles living on barbecued rats and alcoholic handwash?

guesswho 4 | 1,289
14 Nov 2010 #61
Bear in mind that living costs are stupidly low here - I saw potatoes in one market for 0.60zl (or what, about 15 cents?) a kilo, it's not as bad as it sounds.

yeah and what about the rent and bills? Besides, not all food products are cheap in Poland. Actually, I didn't have the expression that the living costs are "stupidly low" in Poland. (not for Poles anyway).
POLENGGGs 2 | 150
14 Nov 2010 #62
As to the Original Topic.....

I propose that they use that 200 thousand to buy a Big Old House in East London or the outskirts thereof, and make it into a Rooming house/Halfway-house for Poles and other citizens of the 10 eastern bloc countries exclusively.

_____________ Hang on, there is a plenty War vetereans who are nearly all dead so why not use one of their meeting place-buildings for this purpose, I mean these Battle of Britain heroes had had their turn living it up in GREAT Britain, why not let others. Solidaritè ! ! !


they are merely a nuisance, and 'unsightly', and are candidates for elimination, or a perverse entertainment.

I bet that is why you opened up this thread, because you be preying on them weaklings and wanted all the close up shots of badly damaged Poles, to get your spirits up about Your damagaged liver and face like Yuschenko.

Very good point...And Lipsky is a Jewish name.

thy mother be a Jew, pops Pielsutki

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