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Polish football teams/leagues in UK

dynkz 1 | -
28 Apr 2011 #1

My boyfriend is Polish and looking to play football for a polish football team (5-a-side or 11-a-side) or in a polish football league in London. I've tried to help him look online but can't seem to find anything...any ideas?!

Oldyoungloon - | 16
6 May 2011 #2
that he plays in a normal 5-aside league??
24 Oct 2011 #3
Where does he live in London ?
Korona Redbridge play 11 a side on Sunday leauge.
17 Sep 2014 #4
Merged: Looking for Polish players to join our football team (Trowbridge and bath area, UK.)

Are you interested in playing local Sunday football for a good friendly team in the southwest of England, Trowbridge and bath area?
I have played with polish players before and they are very good strong players.
So we are looking for polish players to join out team.
If you are interested then please feel free to email me for details of training etc...
My email address is

Thank you kindly.

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