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Where to find friendly Polish people in London?

23 Feb 2007 #1
This may be a bit of a stupid question, but where are good places to meet friendly polish in London? Somewhere that isn't just another nightclub, because really (would you believe) some of us are looking for a bit more then a one night stand.

(And no, before you ask, I'm not old, ugly, short or desperate - I'm just interested in a bit of cultural diversity and perhaps someone who likes to have fun without being totally drunk!)
Aga76 - | 35
28 Feb 2007 #2
try pubs in Ealing?

there is also a Polish social club (POSK) in Hammersmith
Londonite - | 2
12 Dec 2012 #3
Merged: Where to meet - connect with Polish / Eastern Europeans in London

Hi all,

As mentioned in the title, I'm interested in meeting and Polish and Eastern European's in London. I'm actually British myself, but I've got some fantastic Bulgarian friends who are literally some of the best people I've ever met. More than happy to support them in their struggle here. Amazingly, language really hasn't been much of a barrier to this. I quite enjoy learning a few words here and there, too.

One of the things they tell me is how it's often hard to get to know and interact with native British here, especially in a city like London. As someone who's lived in the city all my life, I could'nt agree more with them and I've always found Eastern europeans much easier to get to know. Czech, Polish, Lithanian, Estonian etc. It's strange how easily I can relate to them, much more so than people from here. A lot of people say I look Eastern European, which might help a bit any way!

I can't imagine how incredibly difficult it is for new arrivals coming here not knowing much englush and trying to learn how this crazy country works.

So anyway, any hints or tips on where to meet and socialise with even more Eastern europeans would be good. Websites, blogs, forums etc etc.
12 Dec 2012 #4
Unfortunately I can't help with your question. But out of curiosity, may I ask what does it mean:

A lot of people say I look Eastern European

Is there are a huge difference in look between Eastern European and British people?
Londonite - | 2
13 Dec 2012 #5
I would'nt say there's a huge difference, but the facial features are different. Some people have a better eye for this than others and I'm one of the types who's quite good at working this out.

Often when I go abroad people from those countries don't immediately identify me as British. I went to Syria a few years ago and people were trying to talk to me in Arabic, others thought I was Russian...!!

Just look at the types of british people you see in pubs, or on holiday on a package trip to Spain or something. You will see the subtle differences between them and other Europeans!
13 Dec 2012 #6
I would'nt say there's a huge difference, but the facial features are different.

For instance what would it be?

You will see the subtle differences between them and other Europeans!

So there is a pecular way that British people look like, while Poles look like the rest of the Europeans?
31 Aug 2015 #7
love to meet a European girl and marry her. if interested and willing e mail me plz, I am in Beverly Hills and she must be gorgeous
texas09 - | 33
31 Aug 2015 #8
zetigrek, yes, there is quite a bit of variation in Caucasian race, hence differences in GENERAL phenotypes of people from various European countries. A red-headed, blue-eyed, freckled Scot looks very different from a dark-haired, dark-eyed, and olive-complexioned Italian. Let's not be obtuse and act like Europeans are one big indistinguishable homogeneous blob.
Mister H 11 | 761
31 Aug 2015 #9
Or at least that was what the poster was thinking in December 2012!

Who knows what they think now ;)
SpecificOne - | 1
31 Aug 2015 #10
I want to meet Girl in London NW. I'm 21, blue eyes and Athletic Body
Mister H 11 | 761
31 Aug 2015 #11
Craig's List is that way, mate!
pipes - | 2
9 Dec 2015 #12
Merged: Are there any Polish groups in the Lewisham area?

Does anyone live in Lewisham area? Are there any Polish groups there?
Grateful for any help.
10 Jan 2016 #13

Dreamergirl 4 | 273
18 May 2016 #14
Can I meet polish guy new to England with duza kielbasa
23 May 2016 #15
Where to find British people in London ha ha ha only kidding there aren't any.
Lyzko 45 | 9,274
23 May 2016 #16
Where to find friendly Polish people in London?

Likely much the same place as where to find friendly English people in Warsaw; in a bloomin' pub:-)

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